Losing weight after having a baby is difficult enough, but a c-section is even harder to recover from, as the muscles in your stomach have to recover and heal, and can become relaxed and flabby in the meantime. There are several ways to lose belly fat obtained from a caesarean section, though discipline and time are needed.

Things You Will Need

Shaper Shoes

Step 1

Go slowly. Recovery from a c-section can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. Most doctors reccommend waiting at least 6 weeks to start an exersize program, check with your physician before doing any exersize.

Step 2

Most doctors and lactation consultants will tell you that if you are breast-feeding you shouldn't diet or cut back on food portions. While this is true, you can still control what you eat. Cutting back on sugary drinks such as soda (even diet) and fruit juices can help you lose a couple of pounds a week. After your c-section, it is especially important to cut back on fattening foods, as the fat will go straight to your stomach.

Step 3

Purchase a good pair of athletic shaper shoes. These will help you tone and shape every time you walk. As soon as you feel able, begin to walk, even for short distances at a time.

Step 4

Get as much sleep as possible. Have a friend or relative watch the baby for an hour or so a few days a week so you can get rest. Weight gain has been associated with lack of sleep.

Step 5

After your doctor gives you the go-ahead, begin a low impact aroebics program that target trains abs. Increase difficulty as you feel you are able.

Be patient. It took 10 months to gain that weight, it will take time to lose it.

Tips & Warnings