How to lose stomach fat and get a flat, lean tummy

If you implement these 5 smart and effective steps you will start to lose stomach fat

The good news is that you can lose that ugly, dangerous belly fat. The bad news is that it will take real hard work and effort. But if you are up for it, my 5 step system can really help you to lose that fat.

Here's how to lose stomach fat and get lean, flat abs:

Find your driving force

Your driving force will help you to succeed and it will help you to push through when you are not in the mood to exercise or when you are tempted. The best way to find your drive is to motivate yourself. You can do this by writing down your reasons for waning to lose weight and reading it often.

Plan how you are going to achieve your target

Goal setting can help you to achieve your target of losing belly fat. When you set goals you have to set exercise, diet and other goals. And make sure that those goals are smart - specific, measurable, attainable realistic and time-bounded.

Implement a fat burning exercise lose-stomach-fatplan

For maximum fat burn you should try and exercise for at least 5 times a week. The best exercise for fat burn is cardio interval training (for 3 times a week, 20 minutes at a time). You should also try to be more active and do more activities on the weekend.

Follow a fat burning diet

Your diet is extremely important if you want to lose stomach fat - it can make or break your fat loss. Here's some tips to make your diet fat burning:

*Rid your cupboards of unhealthy foods * Eat 100% healthy - lower fat, calories * Have lots of fruit and veg * Stick to lean protein and healthy carbs * Limit sweets and take-aways * Don't go grocery shopping on an empty tummy

Be determined and dedicated

If you want to succeed in losing your stomach fat, you have to stick to your exercise and diet goals and be dedicated to achieve (almost) everyone.

These steps are really all you need, together with a good exercise plan like the The bikini model program, to successfully lose your stomach fat. Just implement these above steps and you will get rid of that fat sooner or later.