If you have some extra pounds, you know how stressful this can get sometimes in day to day’s life. There are moments when it seems like a desperate struggle with your own self. You don’t like the way your body looks, to always feel tired and heavy but in the same time it’s difficult to give up the bad habits.

I know a lot of people who have weight problems and constantly are trying the latest diets. Myself I lived this during high school, so I know a little how it feels. And it’s always the same story – a period of restrictions when the only thing you have the right to eat is the air, then a moment when the body can’t resist to the pressure and you have to give up and return to the old habits. After a while you start again feeling guilty and ashamed of your body and the period of restriction is back. And the story can go on like this forever.

Personally, I couldn’t keep a diet more than three weeks. I have noticed that soon after that period of dieting, all the lost pounds were back again. And even more.

The worst thing is not that all that extra weight makes the body look ungracefully, but the bad effect it has on health and on quality of life.

Even if it may look like a paradox, I lost all my extra ponds when I started focusing on other things. After high school, I’ve changed my lifestyle and got the shape I wanted before, without any effort. So I realized that, before, I had a lot of things in my life that I didn’t like and used to compensate them by eating.

So, before you start a new diet, there are some aspects to think about:

1. There is no magic pill that will make you thin overnight

We all would like to know a shortcut and to have all we want in an instant. But this would keep us away from learning our lessons and, at a certain point, it would take all the joy of gaining something by our own capacities.

You gained those extra pounds during months or even years of bad eating, so it’s an illusion to think that you’ll lose all that in one week. And it’s much better for your health to transform slowly than to shift your body from one extreme to another.

So, chose to keep your health and strength even if you make baby steps towards your destination.

2. To get long-term effects, it’s necessary to change your approach

“I would like to lose weight but also to keep my way of living”, Well, that’s another illusion. The extra pounds are the effect of that lifestyle.

It’s obvious that you are at this point because of your habits. So changing the habits only for a while and then returning to them will bring you back where you started.

And is it really so great, that lifestyle, after all? Would you say that you are absolutely happy in your life or the only thing that makes you grasp to old life style is comfort?

3.  It’s essential to understand why you have those habits of eating.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important aspects – until you don’t understand the reasons that are behind your actions, you will continue doing things like a robot.

So, you should start by doing this step in the beginning.

Take your time and think why are you doing things the way you do.

Ask yourself:

Why are you eating more than you need?

When did you start doing this?

Are there moments in your life when you manifest those habits more than usually?

How do you react when you are sad, stressed, angry or depressed?

How do you feel when you’re eating?

Our behaviors are well tied to our emotions. And if we repeat enough a behavior, that becomes a habit. And our habits shape our life.

So it’s very important to understand which are the areas of your life where you are not feeling satisfied. It’s better to search the roots of the problems. If not, it’s like having a tooth infection and taking pills to calm the pain, while the infection is spreading inside the body.

The purpose of this introspection is to get to know yourself better, to understand which problems you try to solve by eating and to find new ways for making your life beautiful.

When you’ll understand all this things you’ll start to accept and love yourself. And after that, the change can come slow and naturally.

I hope this will help you and make you see the weight problems in a different and productive way. I appreciate any additions or opinions.

All the best!