The Gradual weight loss guide

Confidence and self image. It is important to maintain confidence in yourself when you doubt your self image. The main reason this is so important, is because most people won't work out or do anything to take care of themselves if they don't already have confidence. You need to know in your mind that eventually you will have that appearance and confidence. Try not to focus on your current image, as you will eventually lose weight in your face as well as the rest of your body.

Gradual diet change. Rather than making the mistake that most people make by crash dieting and trying to lose all their weight in one shot, this method allows you to eat small portions of your favorite foods and gradually dieting. This goes back to confidence and how you can build momentum by slowly quiting rather than trying all at once. Try to decrease your calorie intake about 1% per day until you are at a 50% total decrease in calorie intake. The gradual method will allow you to see small results over time and gain momentum rather than losing your confidence by not fulfilling unrealistic expectations that most people set for themselves.

Gradual workout regiment. Instead of telling yourself, "I"m going to run 2 miles, even though I haven't run in years," Try to start by walking to the mail box and building your regiment to 2 miles over the course of 2 months. This step might take longer to fulfill but if you try to do it all at once, you will fail like most people do. Focus on simple stuff like push ups and sit ups and walking or jogging. Eventually, you will be up to 2 miles per day but you can take longer to accomplish this by doing 1 more sit up and push up each day for 2 months. At the end of the six months, try to do whatever regiment you feel comfortable with. You can start aerobic exercise by increasing your total amount of time walking by 20 seconds each day until you reach 2 months.

Say NO to laziness. Most people fail at losing weight because they tell themselves "it's not possible," but since you are gradually building up a diet plan and a workout regiment, you shouldn't have any excuses. You are no longer dreading the fact that you will have to workout for 3 hours every day starting out. You know that each day, your regiment and diet are gradually increased. Just by knowing this you have an advantage over everyone else who goes on a diet, and not having to worry about a sudden increase in physical activity or lifestyle eliminates a degree of the laziness factor. Get a diet buddy. Most people don't like this step because they don't want anyone to know they're on a diet, but selecting a friend or "battle buddy" is the best method for success. Not only can they keep you motivated when you are feeling upset, but you will actually enjoy working out once you get used to it and having someone to talk to makes working out much easier.

Weight loss Callender. Every day that you successful complete the gradual diet routine and workout regiment, you will cross off a day on the weight loss Callender and make notes as to what goals you have for the next day. You may also want to write your weight loss target.

Stay disciplined. Again, this is why having a dieting buddy is important. They can keep you motivated as a friend. You might want to take karate or some type of martial arts, as this will help you build confidence and discipline. Distractions. Getting involved in a sport or some type of pass time is important to keep yourself distracted from food. This is another reason taking a martial arts class can be helpful. Spending time with kids, family and friends can also bring your mood up and distract you from food.

Weight loss expectations. In reality, most people have unreasonable expectations. Yes, you can lose 200 lbs; but you aren't going to lose it in one day or even a few months. It might take 9 months to a year to meet your weight loss goals, but with the gradual routines presented here, you take all the expectations out. One way to really succeed at weight loss, is to set small goals weekly and when you continue to beat those expectations, you will be very successful.