Social Media - there's so much hype, and vibe about it. If you took away all the network names, social media is translating into 3 major activities: listening, connecting, and publishing. The most common tools to use is Twitter Search and Google Blog search to listen. You use tools like Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn to connect, as well as comment on blogs. Then you use tools like blogs or email newsletters, e-zine articles, video or even photos on Flickr to publish. These are all the components without the hype.

Things You Will Need

Have a Facebook account
Latest information on the site updates
Knowledge to update account setting

Step 1

This is common sense; don't use names or words you can find in a dictionary, even with numbers tacked on the end. Instead, mix uppercase letters and lowercase with a combination of numbers, and symbols. A strong password would have at least eight characters; a good technique is to insert numbers or symbols in the middle of a word. Be creative with it!

Step 2

Birthday messages are fun, to have it on line on your network it's an ideal target for identity theft .
Crooks would be able to use it to obtain more information about you and potentially gain access to your
bank accounts. There is an easy way to change that; go to your profile page and click on the info tab,
then on Edit Information and update that. You can choose to show only the month and day or no
birthday at all.

Step 3

For almost everything in your Facebook profile, you can limit access to only your friends, friends of
friends, or yourself. Also you can restrict access to photos, religious views, and family information and
other things. You should allow only certain people or groups access to items so private as photos, or block
particular people from seeing them. Leaving out contact info, such as phone number and address is
probably a good idea.

Step 4

It is highly recommended not to use a child's name in photo tags or captions. If someone else does tag your
child picture, delete it by clicking on Remove Tag, you can also block that function not allowing anyone to
tag you in photos or your child as a matter of fact.

Step 5

Preventing strangers from accessing your page it's easy; go to Privacy Setting and click on
search then for Facebook Search Results click on Friend Only. Be sure the box for public search results
is not checked (see the preview) Having so much presence on the web also should have you think Privacy, security settings and safety
net on the web.

Tips & Warnings

You need to stay in touch and constantly learn about updates for the networks you have accounts with.