Your hands say a lot about you. They are one of the first things that people notice, because they are always in motion. We use our hands for a lot of practical tasks, to express ourselves and to emphasize what we are saying. That is why it is essential to keep our hands and nails healthy and beautiful. So here are a few tips on maintaining healthy nails.

Everyone can achieve great looking hands and for this you needn’t have long slender fingers, shiny set of nails or even a set of branded accessories, some basic care is all it takes to have beautiful, soft skin and strong, nicely shaped nails. Once you have achieved this you can become your own designer.


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Week flaky nails are the most common of all manicure problems. While there is no magic formula to transform fragile nails into tough talons, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself grow long, strong and beautiful nails.

Let us start reading the easy tips for healthy nails.


Always wear a pair of rubber gloves

Soaking nails in water for long periods is the number one enemy against nail strength. And while washing the dishes the detergents will strip away the oils your nail needs to be strong. So wear a pair of rubber gloves when possible.

Apply moisturizer as healthy nails are strong nails.

Apply a good moisturizer and wear gloves for 15 minutes afterwards. Moisturizer will provide nails and fingers with the moisture it needs and prevent the nails and fingers from over drying. There are moisturizers specially made for nails in the market, as well as moisturizers for hands and nails. Choose whatever suits you.

Never use nails as tools.

Even the healthiest of nails will not stand being used as levers or scrapers.

Take time to look for the right tool as this will be worth it, if you consider the consequence of a broken nail.

Use good nail polish

Look for nail polish removers that are acetone free. This ingredient will leave your nails very dry, which means they are more liable to break.

Treat your hands before bed.

Once a week apply a layer of intensive hand cream before bed. Then pull on a pair of white cotton gloves-most chemists sell them. This will allow the cream to penetrate your hands and nails. This will result in healthy nails.

Apply hand cream after each time you wash your hands because it will help build up oil levels in your nails. Take time to rub little on your nails.

Quick manicure

Soak your nails in a bowl of olive oil for 10 minutes then wipe away the excess with a cotton wool. This can improve the health of your nails.

Use strengthener lotion

Most good nail care products offer a nail strengthener lotion to help prevent weak nails from splitting and breaking. Apply this under the base coat. Nail strengthener lotion is best when applied after the quick manicure mentioned above.

Nail massage

Use the finishing side of the nail buffer to stimulate the circulation of blood in the nail bed. Nails can be massaged with the fingertips of the other hand. More blood circulation in the nail will result in healthy and strong nails.

Keep your nails at a sensible short length, it they will be less liable to break.

Never ever bite nails

Those who end up biting their nails now and then should coat nails with a layer of neem oil as its bitterness will get you permanently out of the habit of nail biting. This is best for those who bite nails involuntarily and are unaware of the fact that they are biting their nails. The taste of neem oil will bring any person to their senses. Try it!


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Beautiful soft feet is easy to achieve. If you think of the punishment your feet under goes, carrying your weight around, it is no big deal that the feet is prone to hard skin and calluses. These easy tips will give birth to softer, smoother and healthier skin.

  • Get yourself a pair of good comfortable shoes for jogging etc. The main cause of callouses is uncomfortable shoes. It not only damages the skin but also the muscles in your leg.
  • We should use clean socks every time because wet or used socks can spread diseases to the nail and foot. 100% cotton socks are the best as it absorbs the sweat.
  • Soak feet in a bowl of warm soapy water for 10 to 20 minutes to soften hard skin.
  • If the skin of the sole is very hard add 30ml/2 tbsp. of bicarbonate of soda to the warm water. Soak feet for 15 minutes before using the pumice stone.
  • Smooth away problematic areas with a foot file or a pumice stone. Work it over the heels, sides and soles but leave your tiny toes alone.
  • A body scrub can replace a pumice stone but the latter is the best.
  • The secret of dealing with hard skin is to gently rub it away little by little every day, rather than in one session. If not you will end up with red sore feet.
  • Apply foot cream to your feet everyday rubbing in well and avoiding the space between your toes. Take time to knead and massage every inch of the sole, heel and the upper side of the feet.
  • If you have cracked feet remember shaping it with a pumice stone from the outside will not heal it. The crack has to be healed from within.
  • The best time to apply the cream is after a warm wash as after the wash the skin is soft and absorbs the cream fast and the second best is just before bed, the healing of the skin is doubled at night so if you have cracks or dry skin, applying cream at night will help heal it faster.
  • Never walk barefoot; you are only inviting germs to feast on your feet.
  • Exercise your feet by going for a small walk every day.

If you have serious problems with hard skin, consult a chiropodist. Never try removing the skin with a hard stone or a blade.


Quick and easy pedicure

This weekly pedicure will ensure that your tiny toes are always presentable.

  1. Cut off any excess toenail with the help of a pair of nail clippers, working straight across the nail. Avoid using nail scissors as this can split the nail or cause the occurrence of in growing toenails.
  2. Use an emery board to file your nails straight across, rounding them slightly at the corners.
  3. To avoid in growing toenails don’t file into the corners of the nails hold the board slightly angled down towards the free edge of the nails and smooth from each side of the nail towards the center.
  4. Soak your feet in warm water with a few drops of olive oil and a few drops of body wash.
  5. Use a pumice stone of the heels and wipe the feet dry.
  6. Massage a little cuticle cream into the base of your nails.
  7. Push back your cuticle with a hoof stick or a cotton bud. Use circular movements for the greatest of effects.
  8. Wash with a good scrub.
  9. Apply some moisturizer.