A Lovely Pillow with CordingDecorative pillows and cushions can add oodles to the appeal of a room décor. While there are several ways to decorate a pillow, it is a fact that a cording edge helps to provide the pillow with that much needed finish. Those who have attempted a DIY approach with these cord know that the task is not as easy at it may look. The corded edge hangs from various places and finishing off the ends can get to be very difficult too.

Things You Will Need

Below are a few pointers that will help you to create the corded edge to your decorative pillow without pulling your hair out in the process.

Step 1

Buy the cord – There are various types of cords available in the market and you must make sure that you pick the right one. For this check the tension of the cord and also its thickness. Make sure that the cord is not knitted too loosely since this will make it difficult to sew on.

Step 2

Length of the cord – The length of the cord must be kept in mind too when making the purchase. Ensure that the length you buy allows you to run the cord all around the pillow and leaves about an inch to be tucked in too.

Step 3

Sewing the cord – When sewing the corded edge it is best to use the needle instead of the machine. Begin by choosing one corner of the pillow and tuck in one end of the cord here tightly. Now harness the cord on to the edge of the pillow by sewing the cord on. Make sure that you maintain a tight tension of the thread since the cord is going to fall limp otherwise.

Step 4

Joining the two ends – Now comes the tough part, where you will need to join the two ends of the cord. You will need to tuck in the end of the cord lying loose into the corner where you began your work from and the stitch up this corner of the pillow again. Once this has been done, use the needle and thread to attach the cord from the outside too.

While it is a fact that using cords to decorate a pillow is not exactly rocket science, it is also true that finesse is a large part of this task. So do not get frustrated if you do not get it right the first time, but simply try again.

Tips & Warnings