Wow, it didn't take long for Easter to come around again. Although I bet the kids are saying that it could not come soon enough. Well it is ok for the children but the parents are the ones that have to be organized. The best way to keep them busy is to find ways to give the kids things to do themselves with our help.

We must never forget the reason behind this special holiday. Christians celebrate Easter with the promise of life in the face of the resurrection of Jesus. Many will attend services on Good Friday and reflect on his words spoken from the cross; "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing."

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Businesses celebrate Easter too


Then there is another side to this celebration, businesses will be concentrating on extracting that extra sale of Easter eggs from their clientele. Yes it is ok for them to display all those goodies to temp the children into begging mum to buy them another chocolate egg. It is so hard watching their little faces as they walk through the shopping centers.

I have to admit that as an adult, I am guilty not about the eggs but I just love those hot cross buns, and I start buying them for weeks before Easter and store them in the freezer so I can eat them for weeks after as well. I love the fruit ones best to me the chocolate ones are a bit too sweet.

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Learn how to make Bunny Ears

Now about those fantastic little bunny ears, that you see kids wearing all over the place and the shop assistants wear them at times. And that is what this article is all about.

Here is one idea on how to make those little Bunny Ears:

How to Make Bunny Ears

Things you will need:

  • White and pink felt (this does not fray)
  • Craft wire (firm)
  • Headband suitable for child or adult
  • Cardboard for a pattern
  • Hot glue gun


Decide how long you want the bunny ears to be, then draw your pattern on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Using that cardboard pattern cut out four pieces in white felt.

Draw another pattern on the cardboard making this about 1/2' to 1" smaller than the other white one.You will need to cut out two pieces for the pink pattern.

Glue one of the pink pieces in the centre of one of two white pieces, now do the same with another pink and white piece.

Now get the other two white pieces and glue one to the back of each of the pink and white ones, leaving the bottom part open. This is where you will insert the wire which holds the ears up straight.

Measure a length of wire against the ears from the bottom to the top tip fees.Double this length, then allow another inch for either side which you will fold over to attach to the headband. Cut this wire, and fold in half.

Insert the wire into the bunny ears so that it goes either side then bend the extra you allowed on either side the run along the headband.Glue that piece of wire to the headband. Fold the bottom of the white material down and glue it onto the headband.

You can carefully bend the ears over to give it a floppy look.Ok now put on your new ears and have some fun.

You could also vary the size of the ears and use for basket decorations or add them to a hat to dress it up a bit.

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 Make Bunny ears out of cardboard


You could also make bunny ears the same way out of white and pink cardboard if you do not have any felt or other stiff material that does not fray.


To have more fun why not organise an Easter Egg Treasure hunt