Easy Candle Making

It's not as hard as it seems.

Candle making has become a popular craft in recent time, mainly due to the fact that people realize that it is not as complicated or expensive as they first thought. Many of the equipment needed for easy candle making can be bought or recycled at next to nothing. This article will explain how to make easy candles and the equipment needed to make them.

The First Step

Candle Making Equipment

OK, the first thing you are going to need for easy candle making is a double boiler.  Don’t go out and buy a special double boiler, these can be made up easily at home by using two pans, one inside the other. The larger saucepan is partially filled with water and bought to the boil. The heat from the boiling water is then transferred to the second, smaller saucepan which is used for the wax. Be sure to use old or inexpensive pans for this as you don't want to be cooking food in them once they have been used to melt wax.

Easy Candle Making

Example of a home made double wax burner

Candle Wax Burner
Credit: coconinoco

Step 2 - Candle Making Wax

The second ingredient, and obviously the most important is the wax itself. There are a number of different types of wax that you can use. Paraffin is the most readily available and if you are starting out in candle making it is probably a good place to start. If you are making more professional candles you can also use bees wax and soy wax. If you are into recycling then you can use old candles and even crayons for easy candle making at home.

Different types of candle wax

Candle Making Moulds

Next up are the moulds. There are literally thousands of moulds to choose from. The main moulds that are available are metal and rubber moulds. When choosing what moulds to use take into consideration the ease at removing the set candle from the mould. Some cheap moulds stick to the candles, which mean you need to cut or break them to free the candle. Simple shapes such as tubes or rectangles are easier to work with; but don’t ignore some of the more elaborate moulds such as pyramids and even animal shaped moulds. Old glasses and bowls can also be used as candle moulds.

Candle Moulds

Candle Mould
Credit: Stevencunio.com

Candle Wicks and Wick Tabs

You are also going to need some wicks. These are usually sold in bundles and then cut to length. There are also different types of wicks available depending on the type of candle you are making, and the size of the candle. For example, for tea light candles, wicks of 27mm should be used and cut to a short length; for larger candles you will need a longer length wick, and it is also advisable to have a wick tab at the bottom. If you are stuck on what type of wick to get your local craft or hobby store should be able to help you out. If you are looking to save some money you can use ordinary household string.

Wick tabs, as mentioned above, are recommended for larger candles for several reasons. Firstly, they anchor the wick to the bottom of the candle holding it in place while the candle sets and later burns. It also has a secondary purpose as it stops the flame once the candle as burned out completely. This stops the heat being transferred to the base of the candle holder and reduces the risk of damage to surfaces which the candle is being held on.

Whichever wick you decide to use you will need to do a little experimenting to make sure that the wick does not burn too slow, fast or fircely. If you want to, you can also make your own candle wicks.

How to Make Easy Candles

Choosing the right wick for your candle.

Making easy candles at home - dying the Wax

Candles are dyed using dye blocks, color chips or liquid dyes. These come in a huge range of colors but you will need to experiment on how to mix the blocks , chips or liquid dyes to get the desired color. Some dyes are more concentrated than others and some are easier to measure. It is really up to you to decide what works best.

Coloring Candles

Dyes used to color candles.

How to make easy candles.

So, there you have it, a brief guide on how to make easy candles. The quipment does not have to be expensive or newly bought, the equipment and supplies don't cost much; and the candle making process is fairly easy.