Making MONEY with Coke Rewards

If you are an avid drinker of Coke and Coke related beverages, you might want to start collecting those bottle caps and beverage cartons with the printed coke reward codes on them.  Why you ask?  Well, there is a simple and direct way to turn those reward codes into COLD HARD CASH!  

I took a couple of hours one day to flip through all the available prizes from and what they would fetch if I sold them on ebay.  I was surprised to see most of the items won from either selling for a small faction of their "point" worth or not selling at all.  That is until I looked up E-Gift Cards on ebay.  Every single E-Gift card sold and some even sold more than their printed worth! Meaning if a $25.00 gift card was up for auction, bidders were willing to pay several dollars more, such as $26.75, just to win the auction.  This took me by surprised and I wanted to test it out myself.  So I cashed out my points and purchased two E-Gift cards and put them up on ebay.  Within 24 hours I had sold both of the cards and at face value!   I could have let the auction continue for the 5 days I initially set the auction too, but I was contacted by buyers directly about ending the auction early and selling directly to them, which I did.  On my next Ebay Auctions I ran them for the full 5 days and sure enough I got more than the printed value of each card.  So here are the steps I took to turn myCokeReward points into Cash.    

1) Setup a Free account on

This is where you will enter your codes as you collect them.

2) Once you have collected enough points: login and go to "Rewards Catalog" and click on "Gift Cards and Coupons"

The lowest point gift card you can buy is a $5.00 Carl's Jr Gift Card worth 140 points.  However, the Gift Card I typically save my points for is the $50.00 Nike E-Gift Card, which costs 2000 points

3) Sell the E-Gift card on Ebay

When selling the E-Gift card on Ebay, make sure you note **FREE SHIPPING** since you will be sending the E-Gift via eMail.

It does take a while to collect enough points, but if you work in an office you may want to look in the recycle bin to see if there are any coke related bottles that can be used to collect unused reward points.  

Also, be sure to tell friends and family to collect the caps and box tops so you can add to your point total. 

Point Values for Diet Coke:

12 oz bottle = 3 points

16 oz = 3 points

20 oz = 3 points

24 oz = 3 points

1L = 3 points

1.5L = 3 points

2L = 3 points

12 pack cans = 10 points

20 pack = 18 points

24 pack = 20 points

32 pack = 25 points

Happy collecting!