So you like to blog…did you know one can make money doing it?  Yep, with some focused attention you can make money while working at home in your pajamas!!!Blog 2 image

The key to succeed in blog monetization is to take advantage of all the tools available on the Internet to track and promote your blog. Some of these include search engine optimization, blog publishing software, affiliate programs, traffic statistics, page ranks, RSS feeds and Google Analytics.  Most people that try to make money from blogging fail because they have little or no knowledge of these and other, very powerful tools.  Additionally, these tools you use to monetize your blog must be used in concert with each other. You need to evaluate the connections and tradeoffs between them as a strategy that will generate the most revenue.  All of these systems may seem overwhelming, but they are easy once you get started.  You will become savvier as you begin applying them on a regular basis.

The most important element to generating income from a blog is traffic.  If your traffic is very low, even if the tools you are using to monetize your blog are fantastic, you will not make any money.  So, you need to pay special attention to building traffic for your site. To achieve this, you need to generate content that interests your visitors and include meaningful articles and comments meant to inform, entertain and educate readers.  One great tip to build traffic is to join Blog Carnivals. Simply submit your posts to a carnival that relates to your blog and set yourself up for exposure to a much larger audience. If you submit your blog regularly to carnivals, little by little, you will push traffic to your blog.

The most common way to generate income is through advertising. If your blog has enough traffic already, you can use services such as Google Adsense, or BlogAds to monetize it.  These programs basically place advertising on your blog and you get paid based on how many of your visitors click on the ads for further information.  Another tool you can use to monetize your website is helping others sell their products by joining an affiliate program. For instance, one of the most popular options is and then they place links, banners and products in your website and if your visitor clicks on any of those, you receive a commission.

Believe it or not, one of the most obvious ways to make money is with donations. If you support a goodblog 1 cause or are an avid advocate of an issue, you can ask your readers for support. Even if you have a regular blog, you might have followers that would be willing to help you financially.  Another way to generate income is to comment on your capacities and abilities and therefore, attract potential clients. You can also use the blog to inform your existing clients of new products and ventures and inform them about everything your business does.  Consulting and speaking can also generate income from and for your blog. If your blog is already established, you may have followers and they will consider you as an expert on your niche and they might approach you to speak or do some consulting.

A final thought, remember that when you start blogging, you need to pick a niche where you will be somewhat an expert, but it doesn't have to be so specialized that your audience would be too small. You need to blog about something that you are truly interested in and passionate about. This way, you will have a higher chance of capturing the interest of a visitor.