How to Make Sushi

Sushi is one of Japan's famous delicacies. It is also called as "sushi rolls". Lots of people enjoy eating this in Japanese restaurants though it's quite expensive. But don't worry; you can actually prepare your own style of sushi that fits your budget for your preparation. There are different kinds of sushi but sushi rice is their one common ingredient. Some of these common types are Nigiri, Gunkan, Norimaki, Temaki Oshizushi, Inari, and Chirashi. Sushi comes with different fillings or toppings. Some would use carrots, cucumber, jellyfish, raw fish or cooked fish, salmon, shrimp, squid, vegetables, etch. So, decide and choose what you want to put on your sushi before preparing it.

            Before making sushi, be sure to buy the entire ingredient needed for a successful menu. These are the ingredients that you would need to prepare for your homemade sushi:

- sushi rice

- sushi vinegar

- nori -> thin sheet of dried seaweed used for rolling sushi

- cucumber

- wasabi-> made up of horseradish and mustard seed

- salmon

- jellyfish


You would also need these things:

- sharp knife

- cutting board

- roll mat (made of thin bamboo sticks)


Here are the very easy steps in making sushi:


1. Wash the sushi rice well in running water. Cook the rice. Note: It should be sticky.

This is Japanese Sushi’s most important ingredient, sticky rice.


2. While waiting for the cooked sticky rice, prepare the ingredients for your fillings or toppings. Slice the cucumber, jellyfish, and salmon into fine strips.


3. When the rice is almost sticky, set it aside and then, mixed the sushi vinegar into the rice. Sushi rice can only be used when it is cool already.


4. When the rice is cool already, put the sheets of nori on top of the sushi roll mat.


5. Place some sushi rice on the nori sheets.


6. Using your finger, in the middle of the rice, spread just a little wasabi.


7. Put the strips of cucumber, jellyfish or salmon on top of the rice.


8. Roll the nori sheet using the roll mat and pressed it until the both ends of the nori sheets are closed properly.


9. Open now the roll mat without spilling off the rice, and fillings or toppings. Put aside the roll mat.


10. On the cutting board, cut the sushi roll into exact sizes that you want using the sharp knife. Be sure not to spill off the fillings or toppings.


Now, your sushi is ready to serve. To add flavor into your delicious sushi, dip it in a soy sauce. There you go! Easy steps right? So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss your chance to taste this Japanese special delicacy. If you don’t want to spend money for expensive sushi in a restaurant, try and practice your own style of sushi.


Enjoy your homemade Japanese Sushi!