How to choose the best type of fence to install around your home.  This is not a simple question because they each have their own good and bad points.


High Brick Security Fence and Pool security fenceCredit: Titan's Photography

Should you use metal, brick, wood or steel fencing? Before you think about which type of fence there are  a few things to consider. Your local shire or council may have regulations on the type of fences allowed in your area. I know for a fact that some will not give you any option you have to use what they dictate.  I know this because my daughter had their home built and they had to install a wooden fence the same as others in there area.


Gardman R646 Split Bamboo Fencing
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I think this would look good around your gazebo for privacy although not strong enough for a boundary fence. 13ftx 5 ft.

Choosing the right fence

Storm or windy areas - If you live in a very windy suburb then a more open type of fence may reduce the risk of it being damaged by a storm. The old Asbestos type fences would have to be the worst as they were always breaking and then need fixing.  We had to wait weeks for the insurance to access the damage and then have it repaired.  I would definitely not go down that line of fence type again.

Sound barrier - Privacy is another thing to consider. If you have a small block and the houses are close together a solid closed in fence may help act as a sound barrier to some extent. No it would not completely block out the neighbours loud music although it would help to reduce it.

Choices of Fences Available

Types of Fences

  • Welded steel fence- Similar to pool fencing. This is made in panels and easy to install.Steel poles are sometimes needed to be concreted into the ground before erecting the centre panels.
  • Picket fencing- This is often used as the front yard fencing.It will need continual painting to help prevent it from rotting.
  • Super six fencing-This is one of the more commonly used boundary fences. There are no supports to hold it, although a capping is fixed to the top and the sheets are nailed together and dug into the ground.  When there is a storm these are the most common fences to be damaged therefore in my opinion I would avoid them. 
  • Color bond fencing- This can be a complete metal clip lock fence or may have brick pillars and footings with metal in between. There are a number of styles to choose from with these.
  • Brick fencing- These are one of the more secure types of fence and would give more privacy to the occupants of any home. Again these can be designed in a number of ways. You may choose a partial brick pillar type fence with metal rails in the middle of the pillars.
  • Vinyl Fencing-Vinyl fencing is eco friendly fence because it is made from recycled products and can also be recycled when you no longer want this fence.  It comes in a variety of styles and colors and you can also use this for the posts and gates.
  • Concrete Fence - These are very durable just like concrete. You cannot burn it nor can the termites eat it.  Although if you want it to look old you might want to paint it with yoghurt so moss will grow on it.  This is a very low maintence product
  • Wooden or Picket fence - I love the character part of the old picket fence. These still look great today.  And the wood is treated so that termites will not enjoy nibbling on them.
  • Plant Fencing - This will of course depend on the required height as to the type of plants you choose.

Do your research and shop around before outlaying your hard earned cash as this is not a complete list of the different types and variations of fencing. You can mix and match a variety of styles together.

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This galvanized wire would be suitable for a dividing or general purpose.
60' x 100', 2' x 4' Mesh, 9/P 14 Gauge, Welded mesh.

Replace that rotted wooden post

Wooden posts are susceptible to rot because they are constantly kept in damp soil in the garden.

You will need- depending on type of fence -new post, hammer, spade, gloves, goggles, concrete, nails or screws.You will need to support the fence on either side so fence will not fall when you dig out the main post.Remove adjoining timber then dig out post. You may need to break up concrete if already concreted in. Once out place new post in and concrete the base of post again. Do not attach fence until next day, allow concrete to dry first. Fill in the hole, and then replace the timber palings again with nails.

Replacing Super six sheeting

Remove capping from the top section of broken area. Remove fixings (if any) and dig down to base of sheet and remove, this is not easy. Replace with new sheet, making sure the top is level with other sheets. Now fill in both sides and tamper down. Replace the capping. If this is the old type asbestos type of sheeting you will need to follow special disposable instructions.

Beware:when removing any capping. Often red back spiders make their homes under this; also paper or European wasps will build their nest under these. Be very careful, as their sting is very painful.

I hope this will help you decide which type of fence is best suited for your home and you will now know how to do a few repairs. Of course if the fence is blown down during a storm and you are insured then let them fix it for you.

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