Beach wedding cake topper

In light of the state of the economy, it makes it much harder for brides to plan such a life changing event. It may be necessary to cut corners, to do without, or to get down to making and designing items for yourself. There are some things that you won’t be able to do yourself but here is something that you can design and make yourself with the proper materials.


Large shell, white craft paint, glue, small wedding couple, small shells, coral, tiny rhinestones, pearls, lace.

cake topper supplies

 This is a very simple designed wedding cake topper made with natural shells.

First you need to paint any shells that you want to be white or pearly white and let them dry.  Every step needs to be taken and then you need to let the paint or glue dry. The most important thing to remember is that it cannot be completed all at once but in baby steps.

Always arrange the items ahead of time on top of the large shell so you have a good idea of which way you like to design it before you glue it. You can even purchase glue dots at the craft store and put everything together temporarily so you can decide what you like.

After you are sure you have a nice arrangement on the large shell, remove all items and glue dots. If you think you may forget the order of how you arranged it, take a digital picture. Glue the bride and groom on first. This should be your largest item. Let this sit overnight as it’s also your heaviest item on top of the shell. I use a heavy duty glue for this item. Make sure you put glue on the bottom edge of the figurine as well as some in the middle. Most importantly, make sure the figurine is centered properly.

After 24 hours of letting the glue set, you can begin the rest of the beach wedding cake topper. Arrange tiny shells along the bottom edge by gluing them one by one. If some don’t want to stay put, put something under that shell to hold it up until it sticks. These shells are light so you may be able to let them set for a couple of hours. Once they are dry you can glue the pearls one by one. This also may take some time in letting it set. Glue the rhinestones on the center of each tiny shell.

Finish off the cake wedding topper by using some lace at the bottom of the figurine to cover the edge up on any gaps between the shell and the figurine. Then glue the final touch of coral or any type of shell you like, one on each side of the couple.

There you have it, a creatively designed Beach Wedding Cake Topper!


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