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Daleks are the loveable killing machines in Dr. Who and are voted frequently as the most popular evil characters in outerspace. Daleks are organisms who originate from the planet Skaro, living within a robot mechanoid casing. These organisms are one of the most powerful races determined on conquest and destroying the universe. They have no emotions, meaning they have no pity, happiness, compassion, remorse. The only thing they feel is hate.

Created by Terry Nation and designed by Raymond Cusick, everyone wants to have their own dalek! These wonderful dalek creatures can be created with simple materials at home in numerous ways.

Here is a picture guide for you to follow (all images original)

Toilet roll sized Dalek: (Click here for a different Dalek Model)

dalek7Step one: Obtain a tissue roll. It doesn't really matter what size the roll is, but i like toilet rolls because there are loads of them and you can build an army! Simply get a roll and a pair of scissors, making sure it's sturdy.

Step two: Cut a triangle through it to create a gap. I suggest only cutting out a small pizza slice, using a pencil and ruler to make sure both sides are even. Remember to cut all the way through.

Step three: Obtain tape. Tape should be fairly sturdy, so either clear plastic tape or masking tape. I prefer masking tape because it's stronger. Cut out a piece longer than the edges you have cut. Fold the edges to close up towards each other to make the dalek shape of the body.

Step 4: Secure tape by folding the ends over. Sometimes you will need more than one layer of tape, because it will bounce apart. Make sure the tape is stuck on properly and not peeling.

dalek 5

Step five: how to make the dalek Head. Obtain a small ball, such as a ping pong ball, and a straw. This step is pretty simple, just cut a hole in the ball gently and insert the straw with some super glue. Adjust nose size accordingly.

dalek3Step six: Insert the dalek head onto the dalek body. It should fit pretty snugly. If you need to fill up some gaps, use some clay or tissue clumps and stuff it in.

Step seven: Secure with more tape. Try to make it a smooth edge this time because it will affect how good the head looks on the body. If you want a rotating head, try a different model on another Dalek How To guide.

dalek2Step eight: Use some PVA glue together with water. Mix with a 1:1 Ratio, half water, half glue. Tear up some bits of paper. Newspaper is a good material because its fibrous and the fibre makes the glue and paper hold together stronger. Layer it on as thick as you want.

This step makes the model stronger and better looking, not to mention covering up the toilet paper roll and tape texture. It makes it easier to paint.

dalekStep nine: Roll some plasticine or clay or paper balls with glue to make the balls. Plasticine seems to work best for this step. Make about 20 to cover the body.

Step ten: Attach with superglue evenly all over.

When you're done, you can paint the entire object in dalek super colours! This is a fun activity to give to children to do because it's not really dangerous and its really cheap to finish. It keeps them occupied for hours! Turn it into a competition for who can create the best Dalek.

Continue onto the other Dalek How To guides to see other ways of making a Dalek.

Exterminate! Exterminate!