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Exterminate! Exterminate!

Here is the second how to guide on building a Dalek. Daleks are one of the most popular aliens to make from the Dr. Who show. In fact, it is a must-do for any Dr Who and Dalek fan. Daleks come from the planet Skaro and look like mechanoid creatures. They are devoid of any emotion apart from hate, making them one of the most lethal organisms in the Dr Who universe.

The Dalek was originally designed by Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick, but many fans since then have replicated their own method of building a Dalek. You can make a dalek at home with simple materialsm fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Here is a picture assisting guide.

Click here for a SMALLER/EASIER version of a Dalek

The Life Size Dalek Modeldalek 8

Step one:

Obtain a cardboard sheet, you can use a box for this. You may have to mask tape a few boxes together to create the size you want.

Draw out with a ruler, radius and pencil lines radiating out from one side to the other (as seen in the image on the left)

This will be used to create the cone shape body of the Dalek.

dalek 9

Step Two:

Securely tape after rolling it into the cone shape.
To help the cone bend more, you can score the cardboard with a knife (but not cutting it all the way through)

Masking tape is better than thin plastic tape because its such a big model. If needed, add more layers to either side of the tape. Use your hand to pat it down securely because you dont want it to pop out.

If the bottom of the cone doesn't sit evenly on the floor, simply draw with a ruler a straight line and re cut.

dalek heads
Step 3:

Obtain a blow up beach ball, this will probably fit the dalek body and be light enough to support it.

Use up to 5 toilet rules stuck together to make the eye, using thick masking tape. Attach to the beach ball, preferably with super glue to make it strong enough.

Don't worry if it feels a little wobbly - you can secure it more later.

Dalek dr whoStep four:

Use masking tape to secure the ball head to the dalek model body. If it is too small, then you can stuff some padding made with newspaper around the edges.

dalek alienStep 5:

Superglue ball shaped items.

I suggest tennis balls cut in half, or using cheap plastic bowls.

Step 6:

Paper mache all over the model for a smooth texture effect. It also makes it easier to paint on afterwards. It can be difficult to paint on plastic or rubber. It also gets rid of any lumps and discrepencies in your dalek model.

After you have paper mached all over, you can spray it with cheap white spay paint. That way when you paint over it, the underneath layer is a clean even white.

end dalekThanks for reading, hope this quick guide gives you an idea on how to make a cheap, easy, child-safe dalek model. This is great for kids who can't work with wood or metal yet!

For the arms, you could attach things like wooden spatula's painted grey or egg whiskers!