Dress up with a flowered headpiece or hairpiece for a wedding, costume party, or other fancy and fun event. These are simple, easy directions for making an inexpensive and lasting floral headpiece like the one in these photos.

Headpiece 1 Headpiece 2

You can use faux lilies and daisies, similar to what you see in the photo, or you may choose whatever colors and flowers you’d like.

Here are some ideas for various styles and looks for your floral headpiece:

1.      For a classic, romantic look: Use silk roses with small pearls or crystals glued onto the exterior petals.

2.      For a modern, hipster look: Use feathers and felt flowers instead of silk flowers.

3.      For a fairy or elf look: Use wild flowers and add green silk leaves between each blossom.

Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

1.      Faux flowers purchased from a craft store. Make sure they are the kind where the individual blossoms can be easily detached from the stalk or stem.

2.      4 bobby pins

3.      A hot glue gun and glue for it.

4.      A green faux stem, leaf, or stalk that is long, wide, and flat like a large blade of grass. preferably with light-weight wire in it. Purchase this at a craft store in the faux flower section; it may come attached to faux flowers. This will form the headband – the base of the headpiece.

What to do:

1.      Plug in glue gun and turn on to heat.

2.      If necessary, clip the faux flowers you will be using from theirs stalks.

3.      Arrange the flowers in a line on your workspace. Play with how you’d like the flowers to appear.

4.      Trim the stalk you are using as the base (see step 4 above) so that it fits like a headband.

5.      Decide where you are going to superglue each flower and what direction it will be facing.

6.      Glue each flower onto the base, leaving space for adding bobby pins later.

7.      Finally, use the glue gun to attach the bobby pins, spaced evenly on the top and sides of the base. Make sure you do not glue the space where each bobby pin attaches to the hair. See the photo below as a guide to gluing the bobby pins.

close up

1.      Give the headpiece a couple of hours to become completely dry, then try it on using the attached permanently attached (glued) bobby pins.

You are finished!  Once you have completed this flowered hairpiece, you can style it as a headdress, headband, or bun wrap. Enjoy making colorful, unique, and long-lasting headpieces for a variety of occasions using these simple steps.