How to make a Hair Bow

Easy Steps To Make Your Own Hair Bow

Hair bows are becoming very popular again for girls of all ages, but these bows can be pretty costly and it is hard to find a bow that suits your taste. Hair bows are actually very easy and cheap to make, plus you can design your own to match any outift. I have put together a list of 12 easy steps that will help you make your
perfect hair bow.

Materials: A plastic barrette, 30" of satin, needle, thread and scissors


1. Cut your satin into two pieces: One piece must be 24" and the other piece should be 6"
2. Make a loop With the larger piece of satin
3. Make another loop by bringing the larger piece of satin around the back
4. Bring the larger piece of satin over the front to make a bow shape
5. Place the needle in the center and wrap it with thread a couple of times
6. Pull the thread until the center is tight
7. Put the barrette onto the backof the bow and sew it into place
8. Fold the edges of your 6" piece of satin so that it is 1/2" wide
9. Make a knot with your folded 6" piece of Satin
10. Fold back the edges of your knot and sew them together
11. Trim the tails of the bow to your preference

Have Fun!