In this day and age, many new writers have discovered that you can create content for an extra income on the internet. Many people have also wondered how much you can possibly make simply writing content online. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is true what you have heard, you can make money online writing, but it takes hard work to see good results.

There are many different alternatives as to where you can publish your content, I would suggest starting with Xomba. Xomba is basically an online revenue sharing company that allows users to sign up with their website and create content for them.

Before you write your first article, you have to sign up for Google adsense. The ads that are displayed along with the posts on Xomba are Google adsense ads and every time someone clicks on an ad that was shown on your post, you receive money for however much the ads is being paid for. Sometimes you can get lucky and earn 2-3$ per click (which is a nice amount). The highest dollar amount I have seen for one click is 26$ which is really nice to see.

When you first start out writing content, you have to set goals for yourself on what you would like to accomplish each day. You also want to provide quality information in your content so that your readers are happy and will probably read future articles you write.

When writing content, you should consider searching useful keywords that are getting a bunch of views each money from the search engines. You can rank with these keywords and ultimately get a good spot in search engines like Google. This will increase your article views, which is always a good thing. When you create the title for your content, it is crucial to use your main keyword as the title, then use those keywords in the body of your content. A keyword density of 2-3% is about the average, any more could hurt your search engine rankings.

Just remember that you won't be making millions when you first start out. In fact it make take several weeks before you even see a penny earned, but if you keep at it and work hard the amount of money you can make is endless.

You can also check out Infobarrel, they pay with adsense just like Xomba, they also have other ways to get paid which makes them just as good. You can sign up with Infobarrel by clicking here.