Your DIY Bokeh filter

               Ever wonder why some photographs sometimes produced colorful and dancing lights with different shapes? That’s what we call Bokeh; a Japanese term for a hazy light, but that doesn’t mean the whole photograph being blurry and out of focus. Bokeh is another trick and technique in photography where you can aesthetically enhance the background of your subject; turn them into dancing hearts, butterflies, trees, cats, and many more! Making a bokeh filter at home is easy; you just have to follow these steps:

1. You will need a scissor, cutter, board, and a tape or glue. And most especially, a large aperture lens like a 50mm 1.8, 1.4, and 2.8; any brand will do as long as it's compatible with your camera body.  

2. Make a circle in the board with the size of your lens. If you don’t have a   compass, you can then use the lens cap of your camera as a guide. 

3.  Start thinking of a design or shape you would like to see in your bokeh and draw it in the middle of the circle. Right after you drew the figure, start cutting it in such a way that it will leave a hole in the middle of the circle with the shape you like. 


4.  Using the circle with a hole in the middle, make an imitation of a lens hood.


5.  Now you already have a bokeh filter. The next step is to set your camera on aperture priority to achieve a decent and quality bokeh shot. To make your bokeh shot sharper, use a tripod that will hold it. Always remember that the farther the lighted background is, the more visible your bokeh will be. 

Some bokeh samples:

A Mickey mouse Bokeh


An airplane bokeh


Bokeh of stars


Smiling bokehs

                Bokeh photography is exciting; all you have to do is play with the lights and different shapes you like to see, and of course use some of your imagination skills. Anyway, just some safety advices since we are dealing with sharp objects in making and cutting some bokeh filters, always be careful in using scissors and cutters; you wouldn't like cutting yourself instead of the board. Enjoy your bokeh filters!