Steps to making a cozy cat playground which cats love to have thier own playground without buying a costly one or just to have fun making one with loved ones. Kids will have a blast making this!

Builders age: 11 and up

For kittens and cats

Things You Will Need


1/2 in. pipe size

(A) 12 in. , 44 pieces

(B) 1 1/2 in. , 8 piece PVC

1/2 in. pieces,

90 degree Elbow , 16 piecess

Tees, 16 pieces

Cross, 6 pieces

PVC Cement

Carpet swatches, to be cut to 12 in. squares

Plastic ties (8 in. size or longer)


Pipe shears or cutters

Heavy-duty shears or carpet knife

Scratch awl

Carpenter's square

Sandpaper or file

Building Instructions

1. Cut all the pipe struts to the lengths needed and gather the quantity of each type of connector required. For cutting,fitting and gluing.

Pipe Shears

2.Follow the assembly plans shown, and fit all the pieces together before begin gluing anything.Make any adjustments necessary. Meanwhile wrap short strips of masking tape around any loose or twisting joints temporarily.

Assembly Plans

3. When everything fits good, you can start to glue, and rejoin one joint at a time be sure to always check to see if there is loosened joints while drying and that the shape of the structure does not change.

While gluing make sure joints or not loosened

4. Use carpenter's square and a pencil, layout a 12 in. square on the backside of each carpet swatch.

Carpeters Square

Then cut out the squares, using shears or a carpet knife. Carpet stores give away old sample swatches, and they might cut them into squares for you.

 5. Decide how you want to position the square first. Carpet squares are attached to the pipe framework, use plastic wire ties that are hole punched with holes through the carpet.

Positioning Carpet Squares With Ties

A horizontal square attached on all 4 edges makes a platform

A horizontal square loosely attached on the 2 oposite edged makes a sling.

A vertical square attached on all 4 edges makes a wall.

A vertical square attached only at the top makes a hanging door.

A sloped square attached diagonally at the upper and lower edges makes a ramp.


Have fun and if you want to learn more on how to build fun cool stuff for any age, you can check out Steven Caney's The Ultimate Building Book.

Tips & Warnings

Cats like to nap were it is warm and have a good view of the room. For surface texture use texture, color, and confinement.

Carpet-covered scratching posts should be tall enough fo the cat to fully stretch out its upper body and front legs.

Cats like several places to sleep,lounge ,hide, and scratch. Create different ones to see what your cat likes best.

Make sure there is an adult supervision for children.

Use a scratch awl to make the holes, using a drill or anything else will twist up the carpet.

If you need a longer tie, you can add one into another.