Much publicity and promotion of debt management plan providers is found online, on TV, broadcast on the radio or in the printed media. With regards to offline marketing lots of this advertising is actually paid for by a number of very large DMP operators. Big commercial debt management plan operators may be seen to offer some benefits to clients. They often have creditor liaison teams that grasp creditor requirements. Furthermore they tend to rely quite a bit on automated processes which, where managed correctly, have the power to potentially quicken the transferral of information and payment between the individuals concerned.

A potential drawback of a bigger DMP provider is that there are a variety of departments that deal with each section of your debt management plan. Consequently you might not have a personal rapport with your operator and they might be less supportive of your specific needs. Smaller operators may give you consistency if you are continually communicating with the same person, allowing you to create relationships.

In the marketplace there are two large "free-to-client" companies dedicated to DMPs. As a consequence of their size they could have problems with communication and customer relationship issues. Unlike some providers, these "free-to-client" businesses get their payments from creditors rather than the client. Consequently debtors can save the provider fee, possibly reducing the overall time taken to pay back their debt. Some individuals view this as a key benefit and will choose these companies for this reason.

Many medium-sized DMP providers exist. These companies may offer an advantage to their clients in that fewer employees handling less DMP cases can create an environment in which greater personalised service can be delivered. These companies usually encounter little staff rotation both inside and outside of their company. As long as you choose a debt management specialist of this type that invests in professionally educating and qualifying their employees you may find an improved and more personalised service can be obtained. It would be wise to select only those companies that have opted to join one of the DMP trade associations.

In the marketplace there are also solo debt advisors specialising in DMPs. Most of these people are mortgage brokers that have varied their offering to incorporate DMPs. It is imperative you realise that the education and training needed to become a mortgage broker isn't equal to the training to be a professional debt advisor. These mortgage brokers don't possess any expert knowledge of DMPs unless they've completed additional training.

Debt management plan "franchises" are also found in the marketplace, however debtors ought to use caution with these as they often charge higher fees due to their multi-layered structure.