Did you know that you can make any face from any picture extremely happy or sad instantly without having to edit it with a picture editor?

To illustrate that, you only need a piece of paper that has a face on it. In case you don't have that within your reach, you might as well just use your own paper money that has a face on it. Or better, borrow one from your friends!

So let's start!

First, hold the paper in a position where the face in the paper picture is facing you.

Now, fold the paper vertically with the fold right on the middle of the face. When folding, the face would be on the inside fold.
On left leaf of the fold, make an opposite vertical fold this time with the fold line in between the eye of the face (left eye of the face).

Do the same on the right leaf of the first fold.

That's it!

Now the fun begins. To make the face extremely happy or sad, with the folded face in front of you, incline the paper forward or backward. And there goes your extreme happiness and sadness!