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There is actually only one reason a girl would fall in love with a guy; and that is emotional attraction. Emotional attachment allows a far deeper connection that is powerful enough to make a girl not care what the guy looks like. This means if a man knows how to make a girl emotionally attracted to him, there is literally no constraint as to who that girl might be. Any man could get even those girls considered “out of your league” if the right techniques is to be applied. Some guys find it hard to create emotional attraction with a girl. The idea is to not control emotions of a girl; it is to make a girl you love, love you back. Here are a few things a guy could do to build emotional attraction to a girl.


Talk to her

You could never create emotional connection if you never talk to a girl. Some men would agree that girls speak a different language; they say this because they cannot relate to what a girl is talking about. To build emotional attraction, you would have to step into her world. Girls love to talk, and if you can relate to her while talking you would be taking her to another world. And you never have to worry about awkward silences. You can start a conversation about what you are currently been doing, hobbies and perhaps personal experiences. You know you’re in the zone if you have been talking to her for a while and don’t even notice the time.


Tell her good stories that suddenly changes into something bad

This one seems like more on the psychology as you would play with her emotions to get that emotional attachment. Don’t keep yourself from being slightly emotional. Perhaps you can tell her a story similar to this. This is a guy talking to a girl, “have you ever looked at someone before and you knew five seconds later that that person is going to be an important part of your life” you can use long pauses to give her time to think, then you continue, “I had something like that once, but I lost it”. What just happened is that the girl felt a little happy after hearing the first line, but as soon as you added the second line, you changed her emotion from happy to sad. Any girl could become confused about what she really feels after this conversation.


So there you go. Those are just some of the basic techniques to make a girls fall in love with you in no time. The best thing about this technique is you can try this on any girl and it works most of the time.