Buy from yard sales to start. Not everyone reading this article is going to have the start-up capital required to make a living from eBay alone, buying from local yard sales is a great way to "get your feet wet" and learn the business without any huge risk. You can find a listings for yard sales in your local newspaper. You can either open up the classifieds, go online, or look at bulletin boards in churches and other public areas.

Learn from the best. Many people have made it big on eBay and have a story to tell but this doesn't mean you have to pay. You can simply go on YouTube and view videos about eBay success stories and learn from they're successes and failures.

Establish a wholesaler. Few people will tell you about this because everyone is lead to believe that you have to be a large corporation to land wholesaling contracts to buy jeans, purses, laptops and other merchandise. This notion is FALSE. Most wholesalers will gladly sell to small businesses in bulk and you can in-turn sell to people on eBay and make a profit. The method for landing these contracts is simple, call the company and talk to a sales representative.

Establish a Drop shipper. Drop shipping company's are the only way you can successfully run your eBay business, because it's very hard to keep up with the shipping demand. You won't need a drop shipper right away when you're dealing in yard sales, but later on it is highly recommended that you get one. These company's are easy to find but beware of illegitimate company's posing as real drop shipping company's.

Sale better. This is easy to do in-car sales because you have the opportunity to talk to the person you are selling to, but it is more difficult on eBay. If you sale at 5% below your competition, you will be getting rid of inventory very quickly while still maintaining a profit. Company's like Wal-mart and McDonald's realise this, you can make a lot of money selling high-priced items but if you sell under your competition, you will be rolling out trucks instead of boxes. On eBay, it is very simply to look up what the average price is and under-bid your competition so you can get rid of more inventory.

Be economically diverse. Being economically diverse is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you don't fail. Key items like sweaters sell fast during the winter but a high-priced t-shirt will certainly not. Depending on what you are selling, the trick is to sell summer clothing during the summer and winter clothing during the winter and this will keep you running for more inventory.