Easy-to-Make Hawaiian Food

Possibly the most famous (or infamous) of Hawaiian dishes, the loco moco is an easy to make and hearty meal for hungry locals on the islands. This popular dish consists of white rice, a hamburger patty, gravy, and a fried egg. The dish can be found in many restaurants in Hawaii and even in Hawaiian restaurants on the US mainland and Japan. The loco moco is a delicious but high cholesterol meal commonly eaten for lunch or breakfast in Hawaii. A loco moco is fast to make, delicious, and best when homemade.

The loco moco is said to originate from the Lincoln Grill in Hilo, Hawaii. The dish was supposedly created in 1949 as a low-cost food option for hungry kids that frequented the grill. The word “loco” means crazy in Spanish and described the kids that ordered this massive meal.

Although the Lincoln Grill is no longer open, a famous place to order a loco moco is at Cafe 100 in Hilo, Hawaii. They have many options for a cheap price and some even say that they are the home of the loco moco. Wherever this dish was first created, it has become a local favorite and popular must-try for the Hawaii visitor. If you aren’t near a Hawaiian restaurant or just want to save some cash, this is definitely a great and easy one to make a home.

Loco Moco Ingredients

  • White rice (short grain)
  • Hamburger patty
  • Eggs
  • Brown Gravy


Directions for Making a Loco Moco

This is a foolproof dish made with four ingredients that can be altered or changed in endless ways to suit a person’s taste. The most basic loco moco starts with two scoops of white rice into a bowl. White rice is a staple in Hawaii, specifically short-grain white rice like the kind often eaten in Japan. On top of that, place a cooked hamburger patty and cover the patty in brown gravy. Finally, place a fried egg or two on top of everything and your own loco moco is complete.



Variations include using sliced spam instead of hamburger, adding green onion as a garnish or using brown rice instead of white.

Loco Moco(53282)Credit: http://www.cheapplacestoeatinoahuhawaii.com/foodblog/2007/08/26/big-city-diner/Credit: http://www.cheapplacestoeatinoahuhawaii.com/foodblog/2007/08/26/big-city-diner/