If you don't want to be alone anymore, good for you. Look around and smell the coffee. Single men are everywhere and most of them want to get hooked up. If a man finds a women who is 80% of what he's looking for, he considers that quite a catch. Great! You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be careful. Stay away from crazy men, drug addicts and narcissists and you'll do fine!

Things You Will Need

An open mind. If you feel your inner feminist kicking and struggling against this advice, ask her when the last time was she had a nice relationship. Everyone talks about "soul mates." Have you met your soul's mate? Would you know him if you saw him? Men and women alike want to be in mutually supportive loving relationships. The reason alone is why so many books get published every year, touted on Oprah and other talk shows on relationships, on marriage and divorce and on couples counseling. Guess what, you don't need match.com. Men are are everywhere.

Step 1

To make a man crazy for you, you have to meet some men. Men are easy to meet, men are every where. Stop being so afraid of them. If you see one you like, ask him for his phone number. It's a lot safer than giving out yours. Plus men find it flattering. If you don't want to call, ask him for his email. Smile, make eye contact, and use a firm handshake. Men like confident women.

Step 2

Always tell the truth! If you are looking for fun and chuckles say so, if you need to have a long term committed relationship don't waste your time with someone who prefers just playing around. Life is short, just say "next" instead of working on a "fixer upper." If your religion or kids or job is important to you, don't pretend they're not. Don't stick your kids with a sitter to meet men at a bar. If you're kids are important to you then meet men accordingly. See who's single at the next AYSO soccer game, or start hanging out at Chuck E Cheese.

Step 3

Be straightforward. Good looks will only get you so far. If you want a man to be crazy for you, then say what you mean and mean what you say. If you want roses for Valentines day, don't say "You don't have to get me anything," and then pout all day when you get nada, zip, nothing that day. Men go crazy for women who say it like it is. If he has a cute butt, or a nice smile flatter him. Compliment him.

Step 4

Be gracious. Men are born "fixers." If you are ruminating about a problem the first thing a man will want to do is fix the problem. If you want him to be crazy about you, then thank him when he makes your life easier. If he takes out the trash, reorganizes your computer files, or changes the tire on your truck say "Thank you!" and thank you again. There are many ways to say thank you. A well made home made meal is one most men appreciate. A bag of homemade cookies or brownies is also usually appreciated. Beer can be ok if you know his brand, but beware of sending the wrong message if you don't like drunks.

Step 5

Use what God gave you. Don't fight your looks, make the most of them. Whether you are thin, fat, tall or short, clothes look best when they fit well. If you can afford it, get your clothes tailored. Learn how to style your hair in an unfussy manner that suits your face. Use make up sparingly. Yes, I know, it does give one that polished professional look, but most men don't care for a woman who takes hours and hours on her look. Healthy, friendly and open rate higher than stick thin believe it or not.

A genuine smile goes a long way. If you don't really like yourself, you can't expect anyone else to like you, let alone be crazy for you. Ask yourself, would you want to date you? Why not? Are you constantly negative or depressed? Is your life full of drama? Do you have time for someone else or inclination? Are you kind? Do you have a sense of humor about life?

Stop worrying about being as rich as Donald Trump or as pretty as a model. Few people are. The happier couples you know are probably average looking people. The more important trait to have is authentic happiness. When you are suspicious of other people, you will not find a nice mate.
Don't even try to be a man's first love. Be his last romance. Be the one he keeps.

Tips & Warnings

Don't feel sorry for a drug addict or try to "help" them. You will be manipulated and you will be sorry. Don't waste your time with a narcissist of any ilk. It is the most difficult character disorder to cure. You are not Dr. Phil. Don't try to fix an alcoholic, even a dry drunk is a poor choice for a mate. Stick with healthy men. You will be much better off.