I have fond memories of sitting at my kitchen table as a child drawing maze after maze always hoping that my next maze would be the one that nobody could solve. Now one of my favorite times of the school year is when I can teach my students some rudimentary skills in Excel by having them create a maze. If your goal is to teach or to learn Excel, you may find this of interest, and have some fun in the process.

Things You Will Need

A Microsoft Windows based computer with Excel installed.

Step 1

Column Open Microsoft Excel by double clicking on the Excel icon (the green X). Your cursor will be positioned in cell "A1" or column A, row 1. The column names are located right above the cells at the top of your worksheet. To select an entire column you click on the letter above the column of cells. For example, if you wanted to select column A you would click on the letter A and the whole column would turn blue. So lets do that. Select column A by clicking on letter A.

Step 2

Hold the [Shift] key down on your keboard. "Don't let go until the end of step 3"

Step 3

Select Use your mouse and click on the right arrow of your horizontal scrollbar until you see column "Z". Select column Z by clicking on the letter Z. "You can let go of the [Shift] key" All columns from A to Z should now be selected, or shaded blue. Note: The [Shift] key is used for contiguous selections.

Step 4

Size Using your mouse, position your cursor on the vertical border separating the "Z" and "AA" columns (take a look at the picture or better yet watch the video). If your cursor is in the correct location it will change from an Arrow to the cursor in the picture. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag it to the left to make the columns smaller. The objective is to make the columns as wide as they are high. All the cells should be square. Note: just estimate it. It dosn't need to be exact and you can always fix it later.

Step 5

In Step 3 we learned that holding down the [Shift] key while clicking on the first and last of anything in Windows will select everything in between. Again this is a contiguous selection. Holding down the [Ctrl] key and clicking on individual cells will select only those cells that you have clicked on. This is a non-contiguous selection.
Click back into cell A1 and then press and hold the [Ctrl] key. Note: do not stop pressing the [Ctrl] key until you are done clicking on cells.

Step 6

ctrl Click on a group of cells that will be the walls of your maze and the release the [Ctrl] key.

Step 7

Click on the Fill Button (see picture) and all of the selected cells will turn black. Note: the default color for the Fill Tool is yellow so be sure to change it to black. Click the down arrow located to the right of the Fill Button to get your pallete.

Step 8


Keep repeating Steps 6 and 7 until your maze is complete.
I hope you find this interesting and useful.


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