If you are reading this article, you probably love making mind maps. But while making a mind map in a conventional desktop application has its plus points, the availability of services to make a mind map online for free has lead more and more of us to make mind maps in the web browser.

Mind mapping, also known as brain storming or thought showers or any other number of terms, is based around the basic concept of arranging phrases or words around a central idea in the centre. Tony Buzan claims to have invented the idea of mind mapping and he dictates a certain way of mind mapping. In my opinion as long as it works, then continue with it. In article we will have a look at several prominent free online mind mapping application and a basic overview of how to mind map online for free.


There are several different services that you can use to make mind maps online for free, one such service is provided by a company called MindMeister. This service is used by over one million people and is available in the web browser, and has iOS and Android applications for creating and editing your online mind maps on the move.

To create a new mind map you click the plus sign which gives you a new blank mind map. You can then click on the screen to create new nodes and to add text, images and color. MindMeister offers a far more aesthetically appealing experience than bubbl.us which some users may find either a good or bad point.  This is one of the most feature rich mind mapping applications, on desktop or on the internet, and provides an excellent way to make a mind map online for free.


Another company which provides the ability to make a mind map online for free is bubbl.us. This is a very simple online tool that allows easy mind map production with a feature set including printing, multiple mind maps and is free to use to produce mind maps online. It was created by two guys in 2006 in a coffee shop, has a fun interface and is very easy to use.

To create a mind map you click the “Start Brainstorming” button which brings you to a blank mind map. This begins a new sheet and you can add additional nodes easily by the keyboard shortcuts: Control + Enter for a new child, and Tab to create a node at the same level. It also offers options to alter the color and fonts.

How to mind map

If you are using one of the online services listed above then you may want an easy method of mind mapping. This is the process that I use to mind map.

  1. Insert your central idea at the centre of the page.
  2. Think of related terms and write them around the middle, preferably do this quickly if you are trying to come up with new ideas.
  3. For each one of the terms, whether they are keywords or phrases, write additional terms.
  4. Optional: Create arrows to link key terms to connect related ideas.
  5. Finished: your mind map should now be complete.


You should now have an overview of how to make a mind map online for free. Which is your favourite free online mind mapping application? How do you mind map? Please feel free to leave a comment.