There are many ways to approach this and I have been at it for a long time now. Over the past few months I have been able to make well over $500 from selling Yugioh cards, and I am still starting out. Now this isn’t something anyone can do, it’s not easy but with a focused mentality and persistence you can make some serious bank. Here is how I made my dough….



a)      This is the most important part, because the market will define what has value. During trades you won’t know the value of certain cards and can hurt your trade potential and you could be ripped off both trading and selling online.

b)      Keeping up with the market is a task, here are some ways to do that

  • Duel online using Duel Network and you’ll be able to keep up with the most dominate decks and you will also know what cards make those decks work. Meaning you know what to look for in trades.
  • Go to an online shopping place such as ebay or amazon and look around at some of the cards that are there.
  • A simple google search can be the difference in making a profit during a trade or sale. Just type in for example “Jinzo Cost” and you will see the card pop up and it’s price from various sites. This will give you an idea about its trade value.



The banlist is a huge factor when it comes to trading. Knowing when it comes out, knowing what is on it before it comes out, and of course what is getting banned and unbanned. Here is an example, before the September 1st 2011 banlist came out Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the beginning was around 5-10$, now he is going for about 40-50$. So obviously if you can find someone that doesn't keep up with the banlist and yugioh news, you can score a really good deal and make some profit. Not to mention you can trade away valueable cards that are going to be banned. Even if there isn't a ban list leaked, you can still guess at which cards you know will be banned. Like if you are dueling and you keep hearing people say, "God trisula needs to be banned!!!!" Odds are it might be, so if you own one try and sell high on it. Same thing goes with a card that has no limit or ban, there was a time when Dark Armed Dragon was at three and he dominated the meta, soon he got hit by the ban list....and everyone knew it was coming. So if you are smart you will sell while you have valuable cards, and trade for cheap banned cards that may come off the ban list some day. Use it to your advantage!


Going to locals

a)      If you don’t know what a local is, it is a short term that means your Local Tournament which is usually just a weekly tournament where Yugioh players get together to trade and duel.

b)      Top in your locals, win a few packs, pull a valuable card from your pack, and you will see profit. Most locals will only charge 3-5$ for an entry fee. Keep in mind that every time you enter a tournament you are investing back into the game.



Stay updated with the game, know the market well, and you’ll find some great trades from some noobs at your locals. I have an article on how to make trades in Yugioh, but here is brief overview.

Find the rip off trades because ultimately you are making a profit….but remember don’t go overboard either people won’t come back to trade with you once they know they have been seriously ripped off or they may even come back to you looking for a trade-back…ouch.

a)    Trade for commons

  • A lot of times during your “Yugioh Night” there will be a few players that have commons with them looking for a trade. With a good eye you can find high value commons and get a trade or even buy commons for low prices and sell them later….profit.
  • If you know you have expensive commons you can use this as a bargaining tool to make a great trade. Say you want a Pot of duality, and can offer 3-4 decent commons to do so. This is an amazing deal, commons for a shiny card….haha who would’ve thought this was possible. I have had times where I traded 20 or so commons for a 50$ card. Remember IT IS A LOT EASIER SELLING 1 CARD THAN SELLING don't be afraid to give the better deal sometimes if it means  over vauling a card by a dollar or two!
  • Having commons can make or break a big deal, say you have a trade going for over 100$ and the guy just wants that little extra to seal the deal. Give him a few commons and that’ll make him happy.
  • I can’t stress how important commons are, you can buy them or trade for them cheap and turn them into profit easily. You will have a high quantity and widen your collection. Don’t go overboard though, you still need high value cards.

b) Watch out for bad traders


Your Budget Deck

a)      At locals you can trade and duel in the tournament to win prizes. Now what is great is that you can usually top your locals easily with an average deck, meaning that you can place high and get a reward without spending $100’s of dollars on a deck and more like 30-50$, hence the term budget.

b)      Some of the best budget decks include

  • Anti-Heal
  • Chain Burn-> my favorite
  • Macro Monarchs
  • Dark World – Budget style
  • There are lots more!

c)       Why run a budget deck? You will maximize your profit this way. If you go and spend $100’s of dollars on a deck that will get you close to the same win ratio at your locals, you are wasting your money. If you’re serious about making cash with your cards….go budget.



a)      This will ultimately hurt you, yes there is a chance you will pull a 50$ card but seriously….what are the odds.

b)      Say you buy 20 packs at 4$ a piece, that’s 80 dollars! Now this would typically be fine because you will increase your chance to get that perfect Secret rare everyone is trying to get, but if you know anything about how they setup the Booster pack system you will also know that there is 3-8 different secret rares in each set…..most times those other secret rares aren’t worth more than the super rares. This decreases the chance of pulling the cards you need and can hurt your profits….trust me I learned this the hard way. I would rather be sure I am making a profit instead of trying to be lucky


Buy Tins

a)      Now I know I said to stay away from packs, but TINs are a different matter. Tins give you a good card while giving you a fair amount of packs to go along with it.

b)      If the card in the tin is of value like “Pot of duality”, then you are totally justified buying 5-6 tins. For example….The Pot of Duality Tin comes with

  • Pot of duality
  • Number 17 Leviathan Dragon
  • Beast King Barboros
  • Dark Simorgh
  • Stygian Street  Patrol
  • 2 Booster Storm of Ragnarok
    2 Booster Extreme Victory
    1 Booster Generation Force

As of 2/21/2012 Pot of duality is selling at around 5-10$ a piece just from this tin. In fact I just sold my three Pot of duality’s last month for 26$, which I got from buying 3 tins. Which means that I spent 34$ on…15 Booster packs and other various super rares….that is an amazing deal. Think about it, the usual Booster pack goes for 3.99-4$, so( 4$ * 15 Booster packs)=60$, I got mine for 34$, that’s almost 50% off.


Selling on Ebay and Offline at Tournaments

There are many ways to sell your cards, but my favorites are very simple....Ebay and local tournaments. You could also use Amazon to sell your products, but the truth is I am not really familiar with Amazon that would be up to you. Now the reason I use Ebay is because its very easy to list your items and it seems very secure. I have not yet been scammed or cheated doing my online sales. It might seem hard at first, but after a few sales and listing your items it gets much easier. Remember!! I can't stress this enough!! IT IS A LOT EASIER SELLING 1 CARD THAN 20!! This applies to ebay significantly, I hate listing loads of 2-3$ cards...though sometimes it is necessary, but when I sold my Trishula for 45$ I realized how much time I had saved.

When your at your locals or a bigger tournament and your in a trade it is simple to just ask if the other person would rather just buy it for cheaper...for example..."Me: I value my Trishula at 50$..but I'll sell it to you for 42" it is as easy as that. You give them a deal and sometimes they will bite, and you just saved yourself  some time trying to sell the card on ebay.


This is my knowledge that I offer you, good luck!

Ps. If you like my ideas please don't hesitate to send me an email/message or subscribe to me, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have!