How to make an amazing independent film

So you really love the movies and since you were a little kid you have always dreamt of being able to make one of your very own independent films. Well you're in luck because it is a lot easier than you may think and it is a lot easier than how many experts outline the task. First before you set out to produce your very own independent film lets set aside some common negative myths that often get in the way of film makers who get discouraged before ever even starting.

Myths of Independent Films

1. You need lots of money - this is completely wrong. I have seen great independent films that have secured great distribution deals without having more than a few thousand dollars. We're talking less than $5,000 for film production.

2. You need to have some level of a movie star - Not true. Though having a celebrity at some level may make it easier for you to sell your film that notion that you need to have a big star in your film is not as crucial as having a good story and script for your film.

3. You need to have million dollar equipment- Again not true. In this day and age we are fortunate enough to have great technology available to us at a reasonable price.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s look at the process of producing your own independent film.

Step 1 - The very first step is to draft out a story. A story that has a beginning a middle an end and throughout the duration a problem that needs to be solved.

Step 2 - Either you write the script yourself of you have a writer write the script for you.

Step 3 - Get a crew together. You don't need to pay them look around there are plenty of people who have good equipment who are just eager to work on a project. You will need the following crew in place.

1. Director of Photography - a great cameras to use is a Canon 5D

2. A sound person - in charge of the mike

3. Lighting crew - in charge of lighting the film

4. And a director if that is not you.

A great place to find this kind of talent is at your local art school!

Step 4 - Once the script is completed go around and find suitable locations in your area to film it at. Once you have found these location approach the managers and owners of these establishments and ask for their permission to film there. Many times they will say yes, if not find another place.

Step 5 - Now that you have the script completed and the filming locations set it is time to make a complete schedule of when what scene will be filmed on what day. Scheduling is one of the main things you want to pay attention to because a production well planned is a smooth production.

Step 6 - Once steps 1 - 5 are completed you are ready to cast your movie. Hold a casting call and audition local talent.

Step 7 - Film the movie

Step 8 - Edit the film with Final Cut Pro, Avid Editor or any other such editing software.

Step 9 - Produce a final cut. Make DVD's.

Step 10 - Hold a premiere at a local theatre.

Step 11 - Submit the film to film festivals and distributors.