Natural Mineral Body Scrub

Avani Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Scrub

Scrubbing your body to remove dead skin cells is the first step toward a glowing complexion and smoother feel. With all the different brands out there, it can be a challenge to find the best for you. One might need to try many different products.

Here are a few of my do-it-yourself recipes to get you started. All of the ingredients are budget friendly, natural and easy to come by. You probably have most of them at home already.

For a better effect on your face, steam your face prior to using the scrubs. Put some chamomile in a pot with water and heat until boiling. Now hold a towel over your head and the pot from a safe distance of the boiling mixture for about 10 minutes. Steam opens the pores on your face and chamomile sooths the skin. Now use the scrub to clean all the pores and remove dead skin cells.

The Cowgirl


Brown sugar

Olive oil


Mix the oatmeal with olive oil until you get an even mass. Now add the brown sugar into the mixture. Sugar and oatmeal grains gently remove the dead cells while olive oil hydrates your skin.  Apply the mixture gently on dry skin using your hands. Clean off with warm water. This is good for the entire body. The mixture can be preserved in the fridge for up to a week, but it is not recommended to use body scrub more than twice a week.

The Sea Goddess



Sea salt

Add the sea salt to a bit of honey and mix them into an even mass. Gently rub the mixture on your face and body. You don`t want to rub too hard, otherwise you will damage the skin. Leave it for a minute or two for the honey to sink in. Afterwards wash off with warm water. The salt grains will peel off dead skin and honey will make you feel soft like a baby. You can also use regular salt, but the sea salt has a high level of minerals that are great for the skin.  This mixture is for immediate use only and can´t be preserved.

Home acid peel




Squeeze the juice from a lemon on a cotton ball and add a bit of sugar with a teaspoon. Gently rub your face in circular motion. Be careful not to overdo it.  The natural acids in the lemon juice will help with any pimples and clean the pores. Sugar will scrub off dead cells, leaving you with a softer more radiant skin. This is a natural and wallet friendly alternative to professional acid peeling done in the salons with chemicals.