How I made $100 in 35 minutes!

A great way for a teacher to make extra income

Most teachers are always looking for that extra income, myself included.  Some teachers get a second job, some teachers coach, and some teachers tutor.  In a way, what I did, is all of the preceding, however rather than making only $10-$30 hour, I can earnWAY MORE!

These days parents want to sign their children up for anything and everything.  All a teacher needs to do to generate that extra income is offer a before or after school program that parents will pay for.  I am a Physical Education teacher and offered a class at my school called "Morning Athletes."  I felt that name is quite catchy, and boy was I right.  I offered various choices for the students at my school to come to the gym before school and become a Morning Athlete.  Some of my classes included Throwing & Catching (grades k-2), Games Galore (grades k-3)  Basketball Skills and Drills (grades 2-8) and everyone's favorite, Fitness Fridays (grades k-8).   These classes that I offered lasted only 35 minutes.  I typically set up a 4-6 week program to attend these courses.  Each session was only $7/$8.  For example, I offered up Fitness Fridays for 5 Fridays in a row with a price tag of $40.  Guess what, I ended up getting 16 kids to sign up.  You do the math, and you can see 16 students at $40 each is $640.  Now I did make an agreement with my school to give back 20% for the use of the facilities, so those 5 days I profitted $512.  That is $102.40 per session, and each session was only 35 minutes.  All of my classes so far have been fairly successful.  Even if only 6 kids sign up for a session, I still make approximately $35 for conducting a 35 minute class, not too shabby for a teacher.  During the course of the school year I stand to make an extra 3-5 thousand simply by working an extra half hour every once in a while.

As I am writing this article, I am however assuming most of you are not Physcial Education Teachers, so here are a few ideas: 

1.  Have a passion for a specific sport, ask the Phy. Ed. Teacher if the gym is available in the morning or afterschool, simply call your program Morning (fill in the blank) or Afternoon (Fill in the blank).  For example Morning Volleyball Stars.  Any child that likes volleyball will beg their parents to sign them up and drive them to school early for that class.  And most parents will, especially at only $7 a session.

2.  It doesn't have to be sports.  There is a teacher at my school that runs a Little House on the Praire Summer Camp, and she makes a nice profit while providing an excellent service at the same time.  Seriously, parents will pay for any extra activites they can get their kids in.  If you were able to offer a Morning Chess Geniuses, guaranteed parents will sign their kids up.

Just an extra piece of advice, when asking your Principal for the go ahead with this, offer up some of your profits.  I give 20% back to the school.  This will hopefully get you the clearance to go for it.

Although I write this article as a way for extra income, there is something you should all understand, these morning/afternoon classes are an absolute WIN WIN for everyone involved.  I make extra income, the school gets a portion of the profits, and the kids love it!  I absolutely love offering up these extra classes because the kids get such enjoyment out of participating in various activities before the school bell even rings.  Parents are always inquiring about what Morning Athlete opportunites are coming up. 

If you are able to pull off a before/after school program that is outstanding. It allows you to make great extra income simply by tacking on a few minutes before/after your day. Of course once you have kids signed up, you do need to deliver by providing an experience that is above and beyond what they would get in the typical school day.  Good Luck!