Are you a new kid at a local high school or college? Do you not have any friends? Don't worry, this article will help you make new friends and keep them. Many people go off to college stressing about how they do not have any friends and no one will be one, but that is crazy. You WILL make friends at college and with this easy guide it will be a breeze.

Things You Will Need

A fun personality!

Step 1

The first step is to look online at your college's website. Most colleges have a list of clubs, organizations, or interesting events going on at your campus. Don't be afraid to try something new or join a club that you have never been interested in to make friends at college! Most clubs will welcome in new people and help you along the way. Perhaps you really like playing tennis. Look at your university's website and see if there is a tennis club. Go to a meeting and meet people! You don't even have to join.

Step 2

People like confident people. When you see somebody in the lobby of your dorm or outside in the courtyard, talk to them. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself because that is really how you make friends at college. The best idea to follow is find something you both like. As soon as you find that, talk about it and make a connection with the person. This is a very good way to meet someone and maybe even seeing them again during your time at the university.

Step 3

Get a job! This is a great way to make extra money and meet people at the same time. I understand this isn't for everyone, and some people are too busy, but this is a great way to meet friends at college. Another great way to meet people is on campus religious services. You can meet people and connect with God at the same time. You can meet many friends that are good role models and people that live a nice, Christian lifestyle.

Step 4

Last but not least, start a study group. I guarantee that many of your classes will be difficult and take hours of studying, so start a study group. Tell people in your class that you want to get together and study at the library, someone's room, or something. A start group is a great way to make study and make friends at college.
These are all great ways to make new friends at college, but there are many more! Look at all the different things you can do at your college and GET INVOLVED. Following more than one approach from above will give you a good assortment of friends that will allow you to follow your many different interests. Remember to have fun because these are the best years of your life.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you hang out with type of people you want to be like.