The age-old question, how do I make money? I think you'll find it applies just as much in Azeroth as it does in the real world. There are many ways to make money in our favorite virtual world and I'll try to outline some of the best ones in this article.

1. Gathering

If you're a new player or you've just started a character on a new realm, gathering raw materials is definitely the best way to make some easy gold. I'd recommend picking up mining and herbalism to start with. You can make money with skinning, but it's tedious and most leather workers are going to skin their own leathers. Downloading an addon like Gather makes finding resource nodes much, much easier. Gather saves all the node locations on your map after you've gathered them so you can see where everything spawns. Apart from Gather and a mount all you really need is time to run around and pick up the raw materials then send them to your bank alt to sell on the auction house. Blizzard also added XP gain to gathering, so you'll level up while you gather.

2. Save

I know, lame but saving is definitely important if you ever want to afford anything decent in the game, like flying mounts. The best method I've found for saving gold is to make a bank alt and just send all my excess gold to it, that way I won't have the gold on my character to buy that epic level 19 dagger. 

3. Play the Auction House

This is something mainly done by more advanced players, but it can be done by anyone. You need to download the Auctioneer addon, it gives you a wealth of data about the auction house. Think of this as day trading, but with virtual commodities like ore and other mats that players buy on a consistant basis. Your ability to do this will rely greatly on how many casual vs hardcore players their are on your server, but its easy to do once you learn the basics. 

There are lots of other activities to do in WoW that earn gold as well. Quests are a great source of gold, especially since Cataclysm. Running instances can earn quite a bit of gold as well, especially at level 85. If you're lucky enough to get an epic level 85 drop they can be sold for a handsome sum to other players. Earning gold isn't difficult and before you know it you'll have more gold than you can use.