3 steps to make hummingbird nectar

Hummingbirds are beautiful animals, but they are not still for very long! Entice them to visit your back yard by catering to their simple tastes: Sweetness! This recipe is simple, and very easy.

(Hummingbird food, also called nectar, is mixed with a 4:1 ratio. Four parts water to one part white granulated sugar)

Materials needed:

4 cups of water

1 cup white, granulated sugar

You will also need a hummingbird feeder, which can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, and some Target stores. They will be around $12-$15 and will hold 8oz to 16oz. Don't be surprised if bees and wasps visit your feeder also!

**The key to making the liquid QUICKLY is to boil only HALF of the water, adding the cool water after dissolving the sugar!

DIRECTIONS: (if you only have one feeder, use only 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of sugar---having extra sugar water in the house will most likely invite insects/bugs that are better left outside!!)

Step 1:
     Select a pot that will comfortably hold 4 cups of liquid. Boil ONLY 2 cups of water stovetop. Add the sugar and remove from heat.

Step 2:
   Stir sugar until completely dissolved. (This is important; the sugar must be completely dissolved before moving to step 3)

Step 3:
   Add the un-boiled 2 cups of water, cooling the nectar enough to immediately fill your hummingbird feeders!

Hummingbirds tend to be creatures of habit: They will visit around the same time of day, each day, and I HAVE seen them during rain storms! They do not mind humans much, as long as you're still.....so if you see them buzzing around, grab a chair outside and listen to the sound of their speedy wings!

**There has been debate regarding adding red food coloring to the nectar. Most studies show that the red-40 dye is harmful to humans, and it is assumed that it is also harmful for hummingbirds. I do NOT use food coloring, and have hummingbirds visiting my feeders every day. The food coloring is unnecessary; I recommend not using it! Happy watching.

White sugar. One of the cheapest places I have found it is Walmart!