Heroin detox

In my opinion there is a great need for heroin detox information around the world. It seems as though there is a major increase in the number of heroin addicts in the United States and other countries around the world.

We can see on the news and in the news papers that are youth are using this drug in alarming numbers. One reason for this is the high quality of the drug that are reaching are streets as a matter a fact you can buy a bag of heroin for around the same price as a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer in other words about $5.00. When I was using you had to know who to get the high quality dope from and could not get it from every Joe blow selling drugs on the street.

I can say this that with the enormous number of people using heroin and other drugs out there that there is a great need for information on how to make it through heroin detox. This is no joke heroin addicts are out there dying like flies every day from heroin overdose not to mention drug related crimes.

The ones who get convicted for drug related crimes may not be familiar of the laws concerning usage and possession of heroin. Now if one gets caught in a State like Michigan twice for use of heroin or cocaine you can get up to 2 years trust me it happened to me. I thought I was going to get some probation or something no such luck I went to states penitentiary for 20 months. This is light compared to those who are busted with weight. A person could actually spend the rest of their natural life in prison for this.

If it was me and I had a problem with this deadly drug I would seriously consider doing something to get some heroin addiction help. It is not hard you can find heroin rehabs practically everywhere these days and they can be found the same way as you found this post over the internet.

I would look for a rehab that can perform a medical heroin detox for you it has been my experience that they are the best. The reason for this is you will be taken care of by a staff of specialists who will administer prescription medication to help ease your heroin withdrawal and from my experience you will suffer very little. This detox process takes approximately 5 days tops.

Ok when you are finished with your detox I strongly recommend that you continue on in residential treatment. Once in residential you will be exposed to other addicts who are trying to quit using drugs just like yourself. The good thing about residential treatment program is that you will be attending lectures, groups, 12 step meetings, and individual drug addiction therapy. There you will learn very valuable information on how to keep from using when you leave rehab. Now if choose to just detox trust me again you will be back in rehab again if you do not die or go to the joint.

Good luck