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Jello shots are amazing. They are great at parties and create a good atmosphere. Jello shots never fail to get your fellow partygoers in the mood. The basis of the jello shot is to combine jelly or jello with alcohol. We all loved jelly when we were kids, and these shots make us feel like we are children again.

Tequila is an excellent spirit with a strong flavour. It is made from the blue agave plant from the area surrounding the city of Tequila in Western Mexico. It is usually made with around 40% alcohol content but some varieties can be as high as 55%. Combining  jello and Tequila is unusual, but actually tastes quite nice. This article will show you how to make jello shots with Tequila.

Ingredients you will need

  • Jello
  • Tequila
  • Water (hot and cold)
  • Container/mold e.g. plastic shot glasses, paper cups (and maybe something to get the shots out again like a toothpick).


  1. Dissolve the jello with the hot water. Follow the instructions on the packet, but it should normally be one packet of powder to around 1 cup of hot water. Continue to stir the jello until everything has dissolved.
  2. Add the Tequila. How much you add is up to, but too much alcohol may affect how well the jello sets. This may take a bit of experimentation before your party and remember that alcohol is expensive, so for large parties you may wish to reduce the amount of alcohol.
  3. Add cold water so that the amount of alcohol plus cold water is roughly the same amount as the hot water you added in step one. If you made jelly without alcohol then you would add cold water on its own (i.e. no alcohol), so imagine that you are topping up the Tequila with the cold water.
  4. Pour and leave to cool in a mold of your choice, the more inventive the better. But remember that you got to get the jello out so silicone molds are very useful. Cheap plastic shot glasses are good for this. Ideally your jelly needs to go into a very cold room/outside or into a fridge. It may take several hours for your Tequila jello shots to set.
  5. Enjoy! But remember to drink alcohol responsibly. Top tips for freeing the jello from the glasses include providing toothpicks or knives (blunt ones), or warming the glass by placing the glass in warm water for thirty seconds to a minute.

So now you should have made your Jello shots with Tequila. The amount of Tequila you add is up to you. So I recommend you try it out before your party. You and your guests probably won't notice the difference between expensive tequila and the cheap stuff, so I recommend buying an inexpensive bottle. Try variations in colour by using food colorings, and adding more than one alcoholic type of jello on top of each other.

Also note that the higher the percentage of alcohol used, the more water will be needed for the jello to set. As there is a high sugar content in the jelly, you may not be able to tell how much alcohol you've had, so I recommend people take care with their jello consumption.

 Have you ever made jello shots with Tequila? Ever made them with another spirit? Please write a comment below if you have.

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