The first step to making a jugline is to check the laws in your area to make sure they are legal and to know the requirements.  In Texas you can have a maximum of 5 hooks.  The jug must be painted white for personal use and orange for commercial use.  You must also include your name, address and the date you put the jug into the water.  A jug can not be left in the water for more than 30 days.


1 jug

1 brick or other weight

nylon string

5 hooks

5 swivels

I have used several different items for my jug.  You can use a 2 litre soda bottle, an apple juice bottle, orange juice bottle or any other item that will float and is white or can be painted white.  I usually use a brick as my weight but you can use any somewhat heavy item as a weight.  It will need to be at least a few pounds.  You can make you own weights by cutting strong wire and bending it into a c shape, then fill a plastic cup with cement and place the wire in the cement as a handle.  Bend the ends out so that they stay in the cement better.  You can purchase the nylon string at any retailer that sales fishing gear.  Most stores sell pre-made  jug lines but I prefer to make juglines myself.  

Cut the nylon string into 5 pieces that are 18 inches long.  Also cut one piece of nylon string that is 30 feet long.  You will need to tie the swivels on the main line around 5 feet apart.  Do not tie them directly to the main line.  Tie a knot on either side of the swivel to create an area where the swivel is able to move around.  If you do not do this a large fish will twist the line and break it.  Next tie a hook to each of the 18 inch lines.  Tie each of the 5 lines on the swivels on the main line.  Next tie one of the end of the main line to your jug and the other end to your weight. 

You should now have a white jug with 30 feet of strong nylon string attached to a weight weighing several pounds.  There should be a maximum of 5 swivels with 5 lines and 5 hooks.  Make sure to use a permanent marker to write your address on the jug.  double check the laws in your area to make sure everything is legal.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how to make the jug lines.

For bait I recommend two things.  If you want to try to catch large flathead catfish you need to use live bait.  Either live perch, gold fish or carp.  For Blue Catfish you can use shad, worms or dough bait.



Video of how to make juglines