How to make money fast to pay bills and pay for groceries is not a new concept but it is a very reliable way of making money to get the bills and groceries paid for. This article offers much help with finding ways to begin making money in a fast way and will give plenty of ideas on doing that. Selling things and creating your own job to earn money is what this article is mainly about.

Things You Will Need

Unwanted material items, digital camera, measuring tape, paper and pen

Step 1

Walk all through your home and yard and take inventory of all items that you can part with to start making money fast to pay your bills. Consider household appliances that you hardly ever use, household decorations that are laying around gathering dust, clothing, shoes, and hats that you do not wear, tools or yard ornaments and anything in your home or yard that you see that may be possibly worth a little money.

Step 2

Write down a description of every item that you are going to try to sell to make money fast. Measure items that need to be measured, detail every good and or bad thing that you can find about the item and write a great title for the ad that you are creating. Continue doing this until you have created plenty of ads. You will need as many as possible because some of these items may sell and others may not.

Step 3

Take close photos with your digital camera of every item. If you have decided to offer your items in groups or lots, take a photo with them together and add a photo of each item alone also. Take the best photos that you can.

Step 4

Post your ads online on your local craigslist website and also on your local Yahoo groups that allow posting of ads of items for sale. Post these ads and their photos everywhere online that you can find that will allow free posting. Be sure to include your contact information.

Step 5

Create your own job if you have no items to sell to make money fast. Write a list of everything that you know how to do and then write ads that detail your services that you can offer to do for others to make money. Consider offering child care, elder care, pet care, lawn care, music lessons or tutoring, mechanical repair or any type of repair that you have knowledge to perform. Think hard and once the list is completed, go back over it and write good titles for each ad. Post these to the same places online that allow the free postings and offer services offered or jobs wanted sections. Money can be made fast to pay bills or buy groceries by using these steps. Determination is a must, along with a willingness to offer your talents and labor and you should also be willing to consider sacrificing items that you can repurchase at a later time when you do not need money for bills or groceries.

Tips & Warnings

If you offer your services to a stranger, never meet them in private the first time. Meet at a public place and never at your home.

If you have a customer interested in seeing your items, meet them away from your home in a public place when at all possible. If it is not possible, have other people at your home when the customer visits.