eHow is a great place to make money from writing articles. However you can make even more money using affiliate links within your articles. Especially if the things you promote with your article are free to sign up for.

Things You Will Need

Time and Patience, A computer, an Internet Connection

Step 1

The first thing you should do is sign up for an account on Commision Junction. Then sign up for a Lead program. These affiliate programs pay you for leads rather than sales. That way all you have to do is get someone to sign up for a free service or trial and then you get paid.

Step 2

Next think of a How To article that has to do with the Lead program you have set up. Not all of them will be easy to think of but with a little hard work you can come up with something.

Step 3

Now submit the article to eHow. Add your affiliate link to the websites part of the submission on the second to last page. This is how you will get your refferals. Now that you have done that set up your keywords in the eHow article to the most profitable.

Step 4

Now that you have done all that post the article as many other places as you can. That way you will get as much exposure as you can for that one article. Make sure to be careful about licensing when you submit to a site. As some sites only accept content that is not published anywhere else.

Tips & Warnings

This works just as well on other sites like eHow. Bukisa is probably the one that would be the best for this type of marketing.