InfoBarrel is new, it's hot, and is quickly becoming the new sheriff in town in the online freelance writing world. To make money on InfoBarrel isn't brain surgery or an impossible feat. Your average Joe can make quite a bit of money, to help pay bills in this troublesome economic world that we're living in. When beginner writers come to InfoBarrel, a lot of them are puzzled on how to make money on InfoBarrel. It's one of the instant turn-offs, since let's face it, we as online freelance writers are here to make money.

I myself was one of those writers, and I'm far from an expert on making money on InfoBarrel. I'm still learning and experiencing on how to make money on InfoBarrel. It's not hard, it's just different even if you're a well experienced freelance writer. Every writing site is different. How you make money on popular writing sites like ehow, Associate Content, Squidoo, or Hubpages aren't the exact same as how you'll make money on InfoBarrel. That's the one thing I don't understand when someone says this site doesn't make much money, then I go to find out they've either not written many articles, or have taken the time to really learn the ins-and-outs of the place.

This article can simply be used as a beginners guide for new writers on how to make money on InfoBarrel. It's not a secret guideline on how to get rich, or make thousands of dollars. How much money you make on InfoBarrel ultimately comes down to you. Whether you're willing to put in the time, energy, effort, and hard work in writing for InfoBarrel. Are you willing to learn, adjust, and adapt your resources? If you go into anything not willing to adapt and work hard it will be difficult to have much success. InfoBarrel can be a great place for you to make as much money as you can imagine. It all comes down to how hard you want to work, and how much you're willing to learn and adjust to the site.

Rome wasn't built in one day

Writing just 10 or 20 articles won't net you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Whatever writing site you're on, you'll have to build up a decent library of articles to make money. Are you not getting any clicks at all? That is not uncommon at first. Articles can take time to get indexed into google's search engine. InfoBarrel currently is a PR4 site. It doesn't quite get the search authority as other popular writing sites like ehow, hubpages, or squidoo.

InfoBarrel continues to grow and is becoming a fast and steady place to make money online. Even with a lack of page authority that InfoBarrel has at the moment, that does not mean you can't make good money on InfoBarrel right away. Plenty of members are making hundreds of dollars a month. One member is closing in on $1,000 a month. So you definitely can make money on InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel offers an extremely generous 75% off revenue share on google ads. You can earn as high as 90% from contests and points earned off InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel also allows you to put chikita ads on your articles and earn off the Amazon affiliate program.

It's free to sign up for InfoBarrel. All you need is a google adsense account, which is also free to sign up for at google. You also are able to sign up for chikita and the Amazaon affiliate program, where you can earn money off Amazon products. No other online revenue sharing site offers what InfoBarrel does on the potential to earn a serious income.

Pick topics carefully

Writing online requires understanding the industry of your topics. Not just the topics you're writing, but the competition of those articles on search engines like google. It's important to learn whether your topics are heavily searched and popular topics for driving in web traffic. If you write articles about topics no one is interested in, then you're not going to make a lot of money. You should use the google adwords keyword tool to get a general idea of traffic search for topics and keywords. I have a role of no lower than 500 global searches monthly. I try to ball park global searches in the 500-2,000 range. Less sometimes means more traffic. I stay away from the 10,000 or higher range of global searches, since those keywords are more than likely to have higher competition from other articles on the web.

Higher competition articles will make it harder to get indexed, and get a high page ranking on google's search engine. I always try to avoid titles that are exactly the same as other articles on google. However, if its a hot topic, then maybe 100 then it still might be title worth choosing with keyword density. Doing that while still picking a title/topic/keywords that are heavily searched for is the tricky part. Doing a allintitle search on google helps you ballpark your competition, for example: allintitle:"How to make money" will show exactly how many results pop up on google's search engine. If you see thousands of those exact same keywords in the title, then edit your titles to limit your competition. After all web traffic is everything when it comes to making money on InfoBarrel or anywhere online. The more competition, the harder it is to get consistent traffic to articles. Don't feel defeated, there are thousands of topics, and keywords that are heavily searched with limited results on google's search engine.

Learn more about SEO writing

Basic SEO writing skills are required in order to make money on InfoBarrel. Traffic and minimize competition is key. If you're completely lost, and new to SEO writing, or not even quite sure what it means. SEO writing means words, keywords, or catch phrases that drives web traffic to your articles. Without web traffic, your articles can't make money on InfoBarrel. How it works is you pull in traffic from hundreds of different search engines on the internet. Google being the biggest and most powerful search engine online is where you'll get most of your web traffic. When someone types in a keyword, or SEO phrases of your article, it pops up on search engines throughout the web. At least it should, if you've done your SEO writing properly.

Your most important SEO words and keywords must be in the title. That's how search engine bots recognize your article. They have to be words that people on the web would type into search engines. "How to want to be a good father" for example doesn't really make sense, and probably isn't something most people would type into search engines looking for father advice. Is it a hot keyword that advertisers are bidding on? Some keywords aren't and there's low competition for them because they're not click friendly ads. Google adwords toolbar allows you to see the competition for keywords from advertisers, global and local monthly searches, local search trends, and estimated average CPC for each keyword. Advertisers aren't going to compete over keywords that's not bringing traffic to their site.

Another important part of writing good SEO words is sticking within your topic. Stick to your topic, don't go off-topic. Don't start talking about Virgin Coconut for diabetes, if your article is about Virgin Coconut for weight loss. People that come searching for your article want information on exactly what your title says it's about. You're also writing to target google ads, and chikita ads. Use keyword tools to get an idea of what members are searching for that pertains to your target. These are just very basic SEO writing tips. It can be much more work and complicated than what I've explained. If you can learn just a very small knowledge of SEO writing, like me for example, then you can earn money on InfoBarrel. If you don't apply any SEO strategy into your articles, then it will be hard to earn off InfoBarrel articles.

Visit the forums and ask questions

I've learn more from others on InfoBarrel than I can begin to fathom before I started writing on InfoBarrel. If you're new to InfoBarrel, sign up and join the forums first. The community is very nice and they encourage others to earn money. You don't have to be shy on asking any questions that might appear silly. Everyone is nice and helpful. No one was born with all the answers on making money online.

Snoop around and see how it's done. Take a look at some of the top contributors and their articles to get a taste for yourself. It's a great place to make money if you're active in the community, and see how some of the top earning members operate. You can write anything you want as long as it's not offensive, degrading, viewed as spam, or promoting self-served products. Be sure to check out InfoBarrel's writing guidelines which are very simple and easy to follow. InfoBarrel has a chance to be the best freelance writing site online. Don't miss the chance to be apart of a money making community that provides freedom and flexibility in writing online.