Choosing a Channel Name

The first thing you need to do is to create a new channel. The channel name should be relevent to the kind of content you are planning to create. YouTube is an extremely popular site, which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. The good thing being there are plenty of active users constantly watching videos, the bad thing being that there is also plenty of competition. You should also try and find a user name that is as simple and straight forward as possible. This ensures users know what your channel is about with no hesitation. After you have chosen a good channel user name, you are ready to being making unique content which eventually can be monetized.

Creating Unique Content

Now that you have started a new channel, you must begin creating new content. The most important thing in building a new channel is that new, unique content is coming out not only often, but consistently. The most popular YouTubers like Ray William Johnson to name one, have a schedule of when their videos come out. This way people know when to check your channel for new videos. If you are very random in creating content your views will tend to be random as well. It is also extremely important that you have a theme to your channel and that you stick with it. Whether or not you do electronic reviews, video game reviews, daily vlogs, musical covers, make-up tutorials, it doesn't really matter. The thing that matters is that you are sticking to what you do best. Obviously some channels appeal to more people than others. For example, a channel about movie reviews will probably have a large audience than a channel all about mushrooms or something specific like that. Having said this, it is also important to create content in which you are familiar with and have an amount of expertise in. If you know absolutely nothing about movies, and are a complete mushroom connoisseur, you are more likely to succeed in the mushroom channel. The average viewer can really tell when people are talking about something they know nothing about, and your channel will become more popular if you are honest with your viewers. Continue to keep making unique content and I guarantee you will being to acquire a small amount of consistent views.

Monetizing Your Videos Without Partnership

If you are consistently creating unique content as I explained above, you should now have a pretty steady amount of people viewing your videos. I would advise at least three months of doing this before completely giving up. From my own personal experience I have had been averaging about 500 views per video until I hit month 3, when I started seeing a consistent view count of around 3,000 views. At this point you can start monetizing your videos. YouTube runs an algorithm to determine whether or not your video is popular. Most videos that get 500-1,000 views in the first day or two after being published are invited to their revenue sharing program. You will receive this invitation on the home screen when you log into your account. The algorithm is known for being quite random. I myself have had videos receive 2oo views and be invited into revenue sharing, while one video with 20,000 views was not. Just keep creating your content and a large amount of your videos should be invited. Make sure you link your Adsense account to your youtube account before accepting the invitation. During the application process for each video you need to provide the credentials that prove to YouTube that you own all the rights to any of the video, photos, and music in the video. You cannot have any copyrighted material whatsoever on a monetized video. This often will result in your video being deleted and both your YouTube and Adsense account possible banned.

Applying for Partnership

The easiest way to monetize your videos is to apply for  a YouTube Partnership. Partnerships are only for channels which have consistent viewers and maintain a steady number of subscribers. You can apply for partnership at any time, but I would suggest not even trying to apply unless you have at least 30 videos, 1,000 subscribers, and an average of 5,000 views per video. YouTube is not very lenient when it comes to giving out partnerships. I have seen some very popular and well followed channels be denied partnership multiple times. At the same time I have also heard of channels with very little subscribers and views be accepted. If you decide you are ready to apply for partnership, you will have to fill out the small application about your channel and material. If you do not get accepted into the program - don't worry - you can apply again at a later time. If you do get accepted into the partnership program - CONGRATULATIONS! I am sure you deserve this accomplishment for all of your hard work you put into your channel and material. Once accepted you will now be able to not only personalize your channel more than the average user, you will be able to apply for monetization for any new video you upload no matter how many views it has. This allows you to capitalize on the initial bump in views the newer videos get. Normally you need to wait past the time your videos get the most views before being asked to join revenue sharing. This leaves you with only a small amount of additional views in which you are actually capitalizing on. Partnership is the goal of every channel and is a huge accomplishment!

Does this Technique Work?

Personally I have been able to monetize over 20 videos without partnership on one channel, and monetize nearly all of the 200 videos on my other channel with a YouTube partnership. Making money on YouTube is absolutely not easy at all, but using this information and staying committed will give you a lot better chance. Good luck !