So you are looking to find out exactly how to make money on  I can tell you from my experience that you can make money on and it doesn’t require a lot of work.  I use photography as my source of income but other people write articles.  Below is a screenshot proof of my earning.  You have to realize that I use as well as a dozen other sites to earn money so I dont concentrate all my efforts but I still make a decent amount of money.

Gather Earnings
Credit: Jared Davidson

Making money on is simple and straight forward.  You can submit photographs, videos and articles you have written.  There is no approval process so you instantly begin to generate revenue.  The general site is geared toward all age groups but you are allowed to post adult material as long as you designate it as adult themed.  You earn gather points when people view your work, post comments and recommend your work.  I have been told you get points for commenting on others as well but I cant find any proof of this. 

The first thing you need to do is to join lots of groups.  Groups are communities where certain types of materials are listed.  An example might be Macro photography.  In this group it is expected that only Macro photographs be posted.  This allows members to join groups that will contain only the things they are interested in.  Some groups exist solely to get points.  They allow you to post anything.  Join as many of these groups as you can.

Next pick a particular subject to photograph or write about that you think will be interesting.  I love to photograph nature so I usually have photographs of spiders, insects, reptiles, sunsets and anything else I find interesting.  After you have your article or photographs ready you need to post them.  Click the share button and drop down to the category you wish to share.  Follow the instructions on the screen to upload your article or photographs and select the groups you wish to see them.  

After you have uploaded your articles or photographs you should share them.  Post the links on Facebook, myspace, twitter, reddit, digg, and any other site where you would draw traffic.  Email your links to all your family and friends.

You can choose to receive gift cards in increments of 10, 25 or 50 dollars.  There is no advantage to choosing the larger cards.  Each 10 dollar requires 625 points.  I prefer to get the 10 or 25 dollar paypal gift cards.  These go directly into your paypal account so they are as good as cash.  There is a 20 to 30 day delay so that the website can verify you did not cheat the system. 

You can make money on and its pretty easy and straight forward.  I would not consider the income residual because without promoting it the view will slow down.