Most of us will always welcome that extra money and that will mean that you will have to that something extra along with your job so that you can make that extra side income. In the last few years the best thing that has happened is the internet and the world of blogging. The internet is full of stories of bloggers who have made millions using the blogs and their skill at writing.

Here is a step by step guide to make money on the side from the internet and the world of internet marketing

Things You Will Need

Internet Connection

Step 1

The first sign up to start a blog. There are a lot of companies that offer free blogging platforms. Now you can use those to start writing. If you can afford some dollars a month then you can buy a domain name and then sign up with a hosting company and voila you have a blog of you own.

Step 2

Then the next step is to find the topic that people find interesting. They should come to your website to read that content. There are a lot of techniques available to find the profitable niches.

Step 3

Then the next thing is to add content to this website or blog. You can write content yourself or you can outsource the content writing to some freelancer. That said if you want to earn some extra money you can also start doing freelance work as a writer.

Step 4

Then the next step is to find some affiliate programs to earn some money while selling these products or you can write your own eBooks. These eBooks can give out useful information and the visitors to your site will buy this eBook in the process it will make you money. The other way is use Google Adsense. This has been nicely summarized here in the how to make money online using Adsense.

Step 5

Apart from this there are surveys that you can do and make money however the challenge with them is that it is not passive income. So make money by blogging is the easiest way to have the passive income.

Step 6

Getting paid to surf programs is another way to make money however beware as there can be scams in that segment and these can easily rob you off your money rather than making you money.

Step 7

Revenue sharing sites is also another way to make money where you do not own any domain or website rather you write articles and you make money based on the traffic that the article gets. In effect any revenue that is generated is split based on the terms of the website.

Now there are a lot of other opportunities in the technical arena. For example if you know designing then you can become a freelance theme designer or you can design free logos or you can even design themes and sell those.

Tips & Warnings

Beware of the scams in the internet world and believe there are tons of those. Do not ever pay any money to anybody as most the information is easily available for free to succeed in making money on the internet.