Firstly I must make it clear that I have no direct experience with making money online quick with Infobarrel. That said, I do earn a small level of passive income with Infobarrel that is slowly growing. While everyone aiming to increase their adsense earnings would like to do so as fast as possible, sometimes the work we put in does not have an immediate pay off. This is probably the main reason why so many people fail to make money online. Not that they are incompetent but rather that they simply give up before their earnings start to take off. By showing a bit more patience along with persiverence we will find that the best things come to those who wait (and keep working hard while they wait)!

make money with adsense

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To be honest, I was one of these people and still am to a certain extent, my earnings have yet to explode to a level where I will be able to give up my day job. However I am now beginning to see that expecting to have one or two websites, a few Infobarrel articles, maybe a Hubpage or two, on top of that some Squidoo lenses as well as some ezines and go articles just isn't going to provide the level of income that I require to stop working a full time job.

As I am originally from the U.K. my target income that I am aiming for is 3,000 pounds sterling per month. This works out about just under $5,000 which I feel is more than enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Much like Gold Rushes, there is the chance to strike it big with the internet with a so called authority site, a massive gold nugget of a site. Building one of these is a fine and worthwhile aim. Another method that can be employed is similar to panning for tiny flecks of gold and put up pages on a wide variety of topics using free web hosting like blogger blogs as well as mini sites including Infobarrel, Hubpages and Squidoo. These can all be used to earn adsense revenue.

One of the best things for those trying to making money online quick with Infobarrel is that the domain is trusted by Google so pages can rank highly straight away depending on the niche and title that you choose. For example, a post I wrote about buying G star jeans online titled g star raw denim online shopping which ranks number 1 in Google for the search "g star raw denim online shopping". Now this doesn't bring thousands of visitors each month. Instead it brings about 100 visitors looking for information about how to buy G star jeans online. Some of them find Google ads that interest them which leads them to a site where they may be able to purchase a pair of jeans as well as provides me a tiny income.

The thing is, we will never get rich with just one or two Infobarrel posts sitting in number 1 position with Google. Instead we literally need 100s, if not 1000s, of laser targeted posts sitting high up in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which provide specific information to our readers.

Not many of my Infobarrel articles make money straight away, however some of them do. I am starting to find that Infobarrels that I wrote months ago are beginning to generate me a small revenue stream. So rather than expect to make money online quickly with Infobarrel, we should take a longer term view and realise that work we put in NOW may not pay off straight away, if at all.

This is part of the excitement about trying to generate income online. We are not getting paid by the hour. Putting in the work not knowing if it will pay off is a risk. But without taking a chance and risking failure, we may not be able to taste the sweet success if our work is of a high enough standard.

Really, making money online with Infobarrel is certainly possible. The fact that the admin team run a competition each month giving away a couple of hundred dollars in Amazon vouchers as well as an increased adsense share shows that they must me making money. Their money comes from quality posts written by us, the writers, which also gives us at least a 70% share. So, putting it simply, the more decent Infobarrel posts we write, the higher our Infobarrel adsense earnings are sure to be.

When deciding what to write about if making money is our aim there are many factors that we should consider. Firstly, what do we know about and what information can we provide to others. Not only that though we must think about what knowledge we have that is related to fixing something for example, getting rid of acne. Or we may know a lot about specific products that have high search volumes every month. Just knowing a lot about a subject will not necessarily may you money on Infobarrel. The wing color of different species of butterfly may be something you know a great deal about however is unlikely to be searched for with much regularity on Google nor will there be many adverts related to the term. We have to think about what knowledge we have that other people have a need to find out and be willing to pay to buy a product or get some information to help them. These are the sort of topics where there will likely be relevant Google ads which can help your readers as well as bring you a small amount via adsense.

So the best thing to do if you want to know how to make money online quick with Infobarrel, or perhaps a bit more slowly, is simply to continue to write high quality posts that provide information for a specific audience. The more posts you make, the greater the chances of hitting a rich seam of gold. If you find that one article starts to do well, why not back it up with another giving more information on the topic. This can then be used to link to the first one which may help boost its rank in the eyes of Google.

Making money online with Infobarrel is possible, just keep writing and you will get there.