What is PTC?

PTC is getting paid to click. There are many sites that will give you money to click, some of them are fraudulent but most are fine and will pay you. You can't make loads of money but if you are a kid or you don't have a job you can earn up to 20 cents per click/website view. Just don't fall for scams.

One important thing to make sure you are not participating in is click fraud. This is where a PTC company is paid by a company to waste a rival companies advertising credit by deliberately clicking on a advert where a company is paying per click of an interested customer. The members of the PTC company may not be interested in what the company in selling but beacause they are geeting paid, it doesn't matter.

To find a PTC scheme to join just look up PTC sites on google or yahoo. To make sure its not a scam type the name of the site and then scam e.g. www.example.com scam. If you have to pay to join a PTC site then usually it is a scam. Sites offering more than 50 cents per click are definitely scams or fraudulent sites. Do not join them!

Many companies use PTC to make money, for example google uses PTC with its adwords scheme. The joint program adsense allows you to place adverts on your site and if the adverts get clicked google pays you. Yahoo also now does the same thing.

To be honest PTC isn't a brilliant way of making money as there aren't many good sites but if you are really stuck for cash then PTC is good for quick small amounts of money.

If you want to increase your PTC earnings then a you can upgrade your accounts (This option is available on most PTC sites.

Note: Another similar way to make money online completely free is participating in GPT. GPT stands for Get Paid To. This includes getting paid for surveys, filling in forms, buying things, downloading programs (be careful) and signing up for sites(watch out for spam).

Another Note: Many PTC sites have a minimum payout of $5 or more which is impossible  to reach if you are making 1 cent per day! Don't get too excited if you find a minimum payout of $0 there is probably a catch.

Thanks for reading!