It seems like every day we are bombarded with new ways to make money online.  Guaranteed ways to start passive income or residual income. But when we actually research the methods, they are just a way to get money from us and create that passive/residual income for the method creator or promoter. 

There is no question that the internet has huge potential to make anyone a great living and or a great hobby but just remember that if it sounds too good to be true it most likely will be.  In this article I want to share what are the essentials to making money online with information products and how you can start for little or no money.

To jump right into it, consider that you only need 5 elements to make money with a product online:

1. An information  or soft product.

2. A website to have consumers purchase your product.

3. A place to host or hold your product for fast downloading.

4. A payment system to access your funds.

5. Target traffic to buy your product.

Let's look at each one a little closer:

Information product

An ideal information product would be one that you create, therefore giving it uniqueness.  You want the information product to solve a particular problem, this way it will have an audience that is eager and relates to it.  You do not want the product to be general or for everyone, you want it to be able to solve the problem of a particular audience or group, therefore affecting a particular niche.  This will assist you in the marketing and supply/demand of the product.

Website to Host

You will need a website to serve as a landing place or location where you can send your traffic to actually get the product.  There are many hosts or places to put your website but since I want you to start with minimal cost you can use a free website such as Wix and create a website that will be hosted for free.  Note, there are advantages and disadvantages to free hosting and you should always research all your options before making a final decision.

Product storage

Since you will have an information product and a website to sell it, you need a place to cloudly host or hold your information product.  There are many programs that can do this for you but again since we are looking at minimal to no cost you could look at MediaFire as they have free programs to hold your information products.  Again you will need to look at the options of free vs. paying systems but to get started and for trial and error you can use MediaFire's free system until you feel comfortable.

Payment system

There are many payment systems and shopping carts available but again looking at minimum cost I would look at Paypal.  They are free to very low cost and accepts all major forms of payments even checks and bill me laters.


One of the most important things that you need is arguably traffic.  It would do you no good to have a superb product, super website, great hosting, holding and shopping cart if you get no one to see it or buy your product.  You should spend a lot of time marketing your product, via social media, articles, the internet and even offline marketing methods could assist you.


As you can see pretty much anyone can have an internet product business for low to no cost.  In your case it could work this way, create an information product such as an ebook, video or audio file that solves a problem for your market.  Create a website with Wix, store your information at Mediafire and create a Paypal account.  When you have traffic go to your Wix webpage, they will buy your information product.  They would pay via Paypal and Mediafire would deliver to the customer.  Again this is just an example you should research all the different options to see what works better for you.  The best advice that I can provide is just to take action.(Note I am not promoting Wix, Mediafire or Paypal as I am not an affiliate with them but just using them as examples and known viable economical options)