If you are familiar with selling ebooks and digital products online, you are probably already familiar with Clickbank. E-junkie is another website which is not as well known as Clickbank, but has great features for people wanting to sell their own digital product. Even if you don't have your own product to sell, you can easily sell any of the other thousands of products available from the e-junkie marketplace.

I was a long time user of Clickbank and while I did make some money with the website, there were a few things about the site that I didn't like and decided for the next ebook I write, I want to try another platform. I had heard of quite a few internet marketers talking about e-junkie, so I decided to check them out.

If you are selling your own digital product, it is just $5 a month for the service, where you can have up to ten products. They also don't charge commissions on your sales like what most other shopping cart providers do. Most people just think of ebooks, but e-junkie can be used to sell any kind of digital product including website templates, computer sofware and even mobile phone wall papers.

An important feature for selling your digital product, is securing your product against people being able to download your product for free. E-junkie provides a secure place to upload your digital product. They offer a number of payment options including Paypal and Google check-out. They also have a feature to offer promo codes.

If you can produce any of those products, you can easily start your own business with minimal cost. If you can't create your own products, you can easily sell any other products through an easy to set up affiliate program.

I recently installed the free template 'Frugal theme' on my blog. Frugal theme also offers a premium version of their product. They sell the theme through e-junkie and I joined their affiliate program. Most theme creators require you to leave the links to their website, usually at the bottom so they get recognition for their work. People who like a theme, often look for these links if they want to find the template for their own website.

I replaced these links with affiliate links and it wasn't long before I had a sale. I made about $60 on the sale, which took me all of about five minutes work to implement. Take a look at the e-junkie marketplace and I am sure you will find something you can sell on your website.

Whether you are looking to sell your own ebook or digital product or just looking to make money by selling other people's products, I highly recommend e-junkie as a great way to make money online.