In today's economy people are looking for new ways to make an income. A unique way to make some real money and aid in the developement of new drugs for the future. I have done this several times and my experiances have always been pleasent and profitable.

Things You Will Need

Decent health, Photo I.D. Spare time, tolerance for needles, be drug,alcohol, caffeene free, Be able to follow directions

Step 1

Drug companies hire independent labs to do research on new and existing drugs and thier effects. You can get some of this money by being a guinea pig for one of these labs. The process is not as bad as it sounds. You will get free room and board, tv, games, and meet new people. Of course making a few thousand extra dollars is nice as well.

Step 2

When choosing a study to do, you should have plenty of information at you disposal. What the drug is, how many blood draws "if any" how long the study is, and much more. The studies I have done were on drugs already on the market. The company was researching possible alterative uses for a drug. In one study, they were testing an antiboitic that had positive side effects for Chrone's patients. You don't usually need to have the ailment being treated to particapate, I certainly do not suffer from Chrone's or IBS.

Step 3

The studies I have done ranged from two weeks to 45 days. That means 14 days in a controled environment with monitered food intake and no outside contact. I got a lot of reading done and really got into some Facebook games. I could call friends and family, watch movies, whatever. I brought my laptop and some folks brought game systems. The researce clinic had TV's and Playstations available, but it is nice to have your own.

Step 4

cash (37903) The pay for studies can range quite a bit. I got $3,000.00 for a three week study in Madison Wisconsin. Nice coin for little work. Longer studies pay more of course. There are some outpatient studies available as well. Two days in the clinic with a return date a week later. These type of studies pay a little less. If you are unemployed, retired, a student, have vacation to burn, or whatever this could be right for you. As long as you can comitt to the required dates, refrain from coffee, alcohol, chocolate and other foods for a while. You can't be too afraid of needles or nurses. You will need to follow directions and a set schedual, like blood draws once an hour on the hour for six hours. You may need to pee in a cup. If you can do these things and get along with other people this is a great way to make money.

Tips & Warnings

Find out as much as you can before you start. No suprises

Go in with an open mind.